Discover SCBD Labs on uWeed! The brand offers a wide range of indoor, outdoor and greenhouse CBD flowers, carefully selected to offer only the best! In addition, enjoy SCBD Labs products with 5% discount on uWeed through our loyalty club.

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Who is SCBD Labs?

SCBD Labs is a CBD brand specializing in Cannabidiol-based flowers and oils. Founded in 2017 near Geneva, the company strives to select the best of Swiss CBD and to offer only high-end CBD at very fair prices. Its reputation is no longer to be made, especially in France in Europe.

What categories of CBD products does the brand offer?

SCBD Labs mainly offers its customers CBD flowers and CBD oils, with different levels of Cannabidiol for everyone’s tastes and needs. You’ll find their full line of flowers on uWeed, as well as a selection of CBD trim and minibuds.

Premium CBD flowers

Discover without further ado the many varieties of CBD flowers and weed from the SCBD Labs brand! If you are looking for indoor CBD weed, you will find Northern Light X, V1, Limoncello or Harlequin flowers.

If you are looking for CBD greenhouse, then you can discover Big Bud, Minibuds or Mango Greenhouse.

Finally, if you are looking for CBD flowers grown outdoors, you will find small outdoor flowers with the MiniBuds Mix.

The CBD oils

We have removed the CBD oils of SCBD Labs from our store because they did not correspond to the Swiss legislation on cannabis products. However, you will find over 100 100% legal CBD oils in our online store.

What do consumers think about SCBD Labs?

Discover without further ado the excellent opinions and comments of our customers on the CBD products of the Swiss brand SCBD Labs! Indeed, you will find directly on all the products hundreds of verified reviews from enthusiasts who have tasted the flowers of our partners. For example, the CBD Indoor Northern Light X flower has an excellent rating of 4.7/5, with the uWeed community noting an excellent powerful aroma and notable effects.

Where can I buy their products?

uWeed is proud to be one of the biggest official retailers of the SCBD Labs brand in Switzerland, but also in France and Europe! You can add their products directly in your cart for an express delivery in less than 24h (for Switzerland), and a few days in Europe.

Otherwise, you can find SCBD Labs in their CBD Shop in Geneva (Satigny), open from Monday to Friday. And if you don’t want to go there, you can simply order on our CBD Shop and enjoy free delivery from CHF 50.00 of order.

Do you have a coupon code for SCBD Labs?

We offer our entire community a 5% discount on all your future orders thanks to Club uWeed which rewards all your CBD purchases. So you can enjoy any CBD brand with -5% off your online purchases at uWeed. Not to mention a 10% discount on your first order by signing up for the newsletter.