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actiTube: Level Up Your Smoke Sessions with Activated Carbon Filters.

Calling all rolling enthusiasts! actiTube is here to revolutionize your smoking experience with their game-changing activated carbon filters. Whether you prefer slim, 6mm, 7mm, or 8mm filters, actiTube has the perfect fit for your smoking ritual.

These innovative filters don’t just create a smoother draw, they also remove unwanted particles for a cleaner, more enjoyable experience. ️ Explore the wide variety of actiTube filters and discover the difference for yourself! ✌️

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Upgrade your smoke sessions with actiTube filters. Shop now and experience the difference!

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Why should you try activated charcoal filters from actiTube? Back in the day, flyers, train tickets, and cardboard flaps from papers were rolled in as “filters”. Those were used to protect your mouth from the heat of your rolled cigarette or joint. They did, however, not prevent you from inhaling harmful condensates. Nor did they stop you from having a terrible taste in your mouth. However, nowadays, activated charcoal filters from actiTube are made up of different components. All materials have been carefully designed to the last millimeter.

The Filters have undergone intense quality testing throughout the production chain. Activated carbon is able to absorb large amounts of harmful condensates. This is achieved, thanks to its large surface area. It also cools the smoke down. But most importantly, it allows significantly fewer harmful substances into your respiratory tract. This results in each drag tasting pleasantly mild. Experience and tests have shown that increased filtration always leads to less harm to the lungs.  This, without detracting from the effects. Why not try actiTube now?

ActiTube Activated Charcoal Filters – Get the Gunk off Your Skunk

ActiTube always completely fills its filters and does not use any coal granulate. They only use the highest quality activated carbon in pellet form. Those pellets have the maximum filtration potential. ActiTube’s activated carbon is also free from dust, purified, and suitable for vegans as well.

ActiTube Activated Charcoal Filters – Invented in Berlin, Made in Germany

All of the turned pipes and pipe heads are pre-produced by a small, Berlin-based manufacturer. Furthermore, there the filters are made solely by hand. The actiTube activated charcoal filters and even their packaging are 100% made in Germany. The progressive, open-minded vibe of Berlin has always been a source of inspiration for actiTube. this is what spurred them on during their founding phase. And now serves them as a premium address on their business cards.

The actiTube prices are and remain reasonable. This despite the fact that they use high-quality components and painstakingly filled filters. Affordable sales prices and fair treatment of all business partners are true, normal” practices for them.