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Swiss Premium Pollen

Swiss Premium Pollen: Your Swiss Source for Exquisite CBD Hash and Pollen 🇨🇭

Swiss Premium Pollen is your go-to destination for the finest Swiss CBD hash and pollen! This passionate resin producer from the Vaud canton prioritizes natural cultivation methods, free from chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The result? Premium CBD resins rigorously tested by an independent laboratory.

Swiss Premium Pollen not only impresses with top-notch quality but also with a big heart for the environment: a portion of their proceeds supports bee conservation projects.

Seeking high-quality Swiss CBD while making a positive environmental impact? Look no further! Explore our extensive selection of Swiss Premium Pollen products in our Swiss CBD store and enjoy an additional 5% discount through our loyalty program.

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Who is Swiss Premium Pollen ?

Swiss Premium Pollen is a brand of hash and pollen CBD Switzerland, producing also Moonrocks and Ice Rocks with CBD of excellent quality. Born in the canton of Valais in Switzerland, the brand benefits from ideal culture conditions to produce quality CBD items. Moreover, they take care to select only the best strains of hemp plants, whether they are grown outdoors (greenhouse) or indoors (indoor).

The brand makes it a point of honor to cultivate only legal cannabis (THC rate lower than 1%) without pesticides or any chemical product, in order to offer 100% organic CBD hemp.

We are proud to offer you the best of Swiss CBD in our weed shop, proudly representing the legendary quality of the country.

In short, you enjoy an exceptional quality of hemp Made in Swiss, to spend good moments of relaxation. And in addition, the brand is committed to the preservation of bees, by donating part of its profits to associations.

What are their products CBD offers Swiss Premium Pollen?

This brand is known for its premium CBD pollen, but also its CBD hash as well as its Moonrocks and Ice Rocks very powerful.

The CBD pollens

With rates of CBD between 15% and 33%, Swiss Premium Pollen offers you pollens of several varieties of exceptional quality. These hemp dusts have a THC level <1% (and <0,3% for France and Europe) so that you can enjoy these CBD pollens legally.

Most varieties of their dry extracts are therefore available on uWeed: Brown Dry Extract (Outdoor Brown), Limoncello Pollen Dry Extract (Indoor Limoncello), CBD Pollen Gold Dry Extract (Indoor Gold), CBD Pollen Strawberry Dry Extract (Indoor Strawberry), and many more!

CBD hashes

Maybe you prefer CBD hash for your pipe or your legal cannabis joints ? Then Swiss Premium Pollen proposes you several products and articles of high quality hash! Discover without further delay the CBD Black Special hash (CBD 35% and THC 1%) or the Nepalese Style (CBD 30% and THC 0,1%), for legal cannabis to roll in your joints and spend incredible moments of relaxation!

Moonrocks and Ice Rocks CBD

If you are a real CBD enthusiast and a seasoned consumer, then Swiss Premium Pollen items like Moonrocks and Ice Rocks are definitely made for you! Indeed, these hash products are pure concentrates of CBD, with rates between 50% and 85%! Moonrocks are CBD flowers bathed in CBD oil, then rolled in CBD pollen, for an ultra-concentrated and ultra-powerful 3-in-1 product, reserved for the most informed CBD smokers.

Find out more about CBD moonrocks.

What are the consumer reviews of Swiss Premium Pollen?

When it comes to Swiss Premium Pollen reviews, consumer feedback is unanimous: our customers love it! Indeed, the Swiss quality at the best price was able to quickly convince the CBD lovers in Switzerland and in Europe, thanks to incredible ranges of pollens, hash and moonrocks made in Swiss.

Don’t hesitate to check out all the CBD products of the brand directly on our uWeed online store, so you can add to your cart the CBD pollen, hash or moonrock that best suits your needs.

Where can I buy Swiss Premium Pollen products?

Nothing could be easier: simply order your CBD flowers directly online at uWeed! Our stock of CBD hash and pollen is constantly renewed to offer you a great choice of CBD products at the best price.

Swiss Premium Pollen does not have a CBD Shop in Switzerland, so we advise you to take advantage of our fast and discreet delivery to get their CBD pollens and monrocks.

Do you have a promo code ?

We propose you better than a Swiss Premium Pollen promotion code: 5% discount on your next orders with our loyalty club Club uWeed! Plus, if you sign up for our newsletter by dropping your email, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your first CBD purchase. uWeed is the perfect place to buy cannabis products online for less!