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Herba di Berna

Discover the CBD oils, hemp teas and cannabis flowers from Herba di Berna. Different aromas, price ranges, cultivation type (indoor, outdoor, greenhouse) but always a high-quality standard that will meet your needs and expectations. Join the uWeed Club by creating an account and start earning loyalty points for 5% cashback on next orders from Herba di Berna.

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Who is Herba di Berna?

Herba di Berna is a non-profit, family-run start-up company based in Bern. Their farming methods are natural, without artificial fertilizers, and they only use electricity that comes from renewable energy sources. The brand and its CEO Philippe Wietlisbach are committed to protecting the environment and engaging with their consumers to promote sustainable and healthy cultivation.

The uses of hemp are very diverse, and the brand manages to make them accessible through its products such as CBD hemp flowers or CBD oils. Hand in hand with its partner Grünkraft, Herba di Berna produces and sells high-quality Swiss CBD.

Which CBD products from Herba di Berna can I buy on uWeed?

On uWeed.ch you can find indoor, outdoor and greenhouse varieties or CBD flowers made from trim (small leaf particles that remain after the flowers are dried)

CBD flowers

Herba di Berna has something for everyone: whether you prefer fruity or tart, intense or mild, indoor or outdoor cannabis flowers. With this brand you have, you’ll find a wide selection of sustainable hemp flowers grown without pesticides. Try them now:

  • Indoor:
      • Harlequinn : This strain impresses with a distinctive flavor, high CBD content and unbeatable value for money.
    • Outdoor:
      • Orangello ( limited edition) : The Orangello celebrates its revival this year .The outdoor range of herba die Berna has been expanded with a novelty. In this variety, the terpene profile is reminiscent of oranges and freshly cut hemp.
    • Greenhouse:
      • Gorilla Glue : With its characteristic woody-sweet aroma, this greenhouse strain gets 5/5 stars from our customers.
    • Minibuds:
      • Cannatonic Minibuds : The small flowers of Cannatonic Indoor by Herba di Berna have a sweet, fruity taste of citrus and mango. The small flowers are an excellent value for the money due to their size
    • Pre-rolled Trim Joints :
      • Pre-rolled CBD joints with trim are now available for those who want to save themselves the trouble of rolling it themselves. By using trim, they are cheaper than joints containing CBD flowers.

CBD Oils

Their organic CBD oils are of the highest quality and are extracted and bottled by their partners. You can find on our CBD shop, oils ith different CBD contents from 6% to 30%.

At Herba di berna you can also find CBD oils for your pets. These 3.5% organic oils are of the highest quality and are 100% made in Switzerland.

Hemp teas

Herba di berna also produces several varieties of CBD Teas from non-psychoactive hemp leaves. With these, you can get your stress under control and enjoy a moment of relaxation. These teas taste like pure hemp and therefore have a tart aroma.

What are the customer reviews about Herba di Berna?

Trust the customers and lovers of CBD flowers and cannabis oils and find out what they have to say about Herba di Berna on uWeed! Since Herba di Berna is one of the most popular CBD brands in the country, you’ll find thousands of reviews on all of our Herba di Berna CBD products right on the product pages.

The vast majority of the brand’s CBD flowers receive a rating near the top. The same goes for the CBD oils that get scores of 5/5 stars.

So, before you add legal CBD products to your cart, choose your strain carefully according to its CBD content, THC content, growing method (indoor or outdoor) thanks to customer reviews.

Where can I buy Herba di Berna products?

At uWeed online store:

Of course at uWeed, your favorite CBD store! Discover our range of Schweitzer Herba di Berna hemp flowers, CBD oils, hemp teas and much more.

We take the quality of our products very seriously and offer you only the highest quality products.

Fast and free shipping to Switzerland from an order value of CHF 50.00 (incl. VAT). Guaranteed delivery to Europe in 5 to 10 days.

Directly in the store:

However, you can also buy their products in their CBD hemp shop in Bern ( Moserstrasse 46, 3014 Bern, Switzerland) if you prefer to get advice in person before your purchase.

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