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CBD Flowers

Discover our premium selection of CBD flowers 🌿 – your ticket to relaxation and well-being. You’ll find it here whether you’re looking for CBD bud, CBD weed, or specific strains like Strawberry Kush, Amnesia, or OG Kush. Our CBD buds are hand-picked, gently dried, and lab-tested to guarantee the best CBD experience. We offer a variety of strains with different CBD and THC levels so you can find exactly what suits your needs. Whether you want to vaporize, smoke, or otherwise enjoy your CBD, you’ll find your perfect flower with us.

Every cannabis flower comes from experienced Swiss farmers and growers who cultivate high-quality CBD cannabis with passion and expertise. We guarantee the highest quality, transparency, and sustainability so you can enjoy the best CBD experience. Whether you want to improve your well-being, reduce stress, or discover the diverse aromas of the hemp plant, you’ll find the perfect flower in our CBD online store.

Dive into the fascinating world of CBD flowers and discover the full range of Indicas, Sativas, and Hybrids in our extensive CBD assortment! 🌱

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What are CBD flowers?

You surely have heard of CBD Flowers, CBD Buds or CBD Weed. For many people, the term Cannabis is still associated with an illegal intoxicating substance getting people « high ». However, a fast-growing number of people are aware that the cannabis plant contains many other chemical compounds (also called cannabinoids) in addition to psychoactive THC that does get people high.

For some time now, more and more users have been reporting the positive effects of CBD, also known as Cannabidiol. « CBD » is the acronym for the word Cannabidiol. It’s one of the many molecules contained in the hemp plant. This chemical compound is not intoxicating (i.e. psychotropic effect) and therefore does not cause any « high ». It is not a psychoactive substance, and can therefore be purchased completely legally, notably in the form of CBD Flowers, coming from female hemp plants.

uWeed specialises in the search, selection, sale and delivery of highest quality standards hemp products. We only carry the best of CBD brands and producers from Switzerland. On our online shop, you can buy CBD buds (also called hemp flowers or CBD weed). Furthermore, we also offer a large selection of other CBD products.

uWeed selects high-quality CBD products, as well as CBD flowers from more than 50 manufacturers and brands from Switzerland.

What is the difference between CBD flowers and CBD cannabis or hemp flowers?

None, these are synonym words referring to the same product: hemp flowers refer to the cannabis buds without THC, the molecule that gets you « high ».

Is CBD weed legal?

Absolutely, CBD flowers are 100% legal, as long as their THC concentration does not exceed 1% in Switzerland, and 0.3% in France. You can therefore buy and consume them freely in Europe. The same goes for CBD oil.

Are CBD flowers a drug?

CBD in the form of flowers, also called CBD weed, are not considered drugs nor narcotics, that’s why it is freely available online as in a regular shop. As they do not contain THC, the psychoactive molecule, CBD buds are not categorised as a drug (and neither is CBD oil). It is sold freely in many kiosks, petrol stations and even in some drugstores across the continent.

How are CBD flowers grown?

Hemp plants, from which CBD flowers come from, can be grown outdoors, in greenhouses, or indoors, according to strict processes and specific conditions (watering with controlled pH, specific humidity, sodium lamps, etc.)

CBD flowers are then harvested when swollen, with partly oxidised pistils (brown colour), and milky trichomes. Then immediately follows a period of cure and drying head down, for about one or two weeks in a dark and open room. The longer the drying period, the more the CBD weed will be fruity. The buds are then vacuum packed to preserve all the flavours.

How to get the best benefit from CBD Flowers?

CBD products (especially CBD flowers) are becoming more and more popular. Many people integrate their usage in their daily lives, and get the best benefits from CBD weed as well as Cannabis CBD. But how should you actually use your lemon CBD buds?

How to use CBD flowers?

In reality, CBD hemp with high concentration of Cannabidiol can be used in different ways. On the one hand, the buds can be infused with hot water and enjoyed as a herbal tea. The hot water dissolves the active ingredients from the buds, which then penetrates the human organism through the digestive tract.

Another form of application is through vaporisation, through the help of a vaporizer. By gently heating the dried hemp flowers, the active substances are released from the CBD Flowers. By vaping the CBD will reach the body via the respiratory tract.

It’s also possible to ingest dried CBD flowers if they have been cooked or prepared into food. The effects will kick in during digestion, that means 1 or 2 hours after their ingestion.

It’s also possible to consume CBD flowers in the shape of CBD pre-rolls or pre-rolls joints, available with the CBD concentration that you wish. No need to be an expert in rolling, these pre-rolls are delivered ready-made. Just light them and get ready to relax and unwind. If you prefer rolling them yourself to inhale it, you can add your favourite filters for joints CBD brand to your basket.

As you can see, our highest quality hemp flowers and CBD products from Switzerland can be used in many ways. So you can perfectly adapt our high quality Swiss CBD hemp products to your individual needs. If you have any questions about all our products, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

Which CBD flowers varieties to choose from?

Before buying CBD online, make sure you pick the right CBD flower variety. There are indeed three great types of flowers coming from different cannabis plants: the Indica, and Sativa flower types as well as the hybrid flower types, a cross-breed of different types, with different therapeutic properties.

  • Indica CBD flowers are advised for those wanting just to relax and improve their sleep.
  • Sativa CBD flowers, on the contrary, have more energising characteristics, all the while allowing to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Hybrid flowers or cross-breeding varieties of CBD flowers are obtained through specific cross-breeding, allowing to offer a variety of benefits as well as an original flavour.

The varieties of CBD flower more known as Lemon CBD haze (or super lemon haze), White Widow, Amnesia, Orange bud, or even Strawberry Haze.

A bit less known among CBD products and less than CBD cannabis are CBD pollen. It’s also an interesting part of the plant, to be infused or added to dishes and salads.

What is the power of our CBD flowers?

There are CBD flowers for everyone, offering different types of of concentration in different CBD, according to your needs, taste and many other factors that influence your choice (weight, tolerance to CBD, stress level, etc.) Indeed, the lightest cannabis light that is on offer is with THC content of around 6%, when the highest can reach …80%! The THC content being regulated by Swiss law, as in France, will not go over 1% in our shop.

For the experienced inhaled CBD buyer, looking for a powerful impact, and strong flavours, we advise the Moonrocks CBD for the optimal experience. The Ice Rocks are also available from the menu on our french website.

Buy CBD Flowers from Switzerland and in France

On our website, only the best Swiss CBD Flowers are offered to you through this online shop. The purchase and delivery (Free according to the total amount of your order) can also be done in France. So choose among our high quality legal hemp products. You can order your CBD products online and receive them by mail delivery the very next day anywhere in Switzerland.

What is the price of our CBD flowers per gram?

The advantage of CBD flowers is that it’s possible to find a great variety of prices on our uWeed website. One thing never changes: great Swiss quality. Of course, the price will vary according to CBD content, the variety, type of strain, crop mode and also quantity.

You’ll find outdoor CBD cannabis from CHF 1.- (about 1€) per gram, up to CHF 15.- per gram for the most powerful, exceptional varieties of indoor CBD with original flavours. We work every day to offer you CBD flowers at the best price for your well-being purchase.

CBD buds are usually a cheaper alternative to standard CBD flowers and actually offer the same Swiss quality and therapeutic properties as other hemp flowers, simply in smaller sizes.

Why buy Swiss CBD flowers on uWeed?

uWeed, an online store specialised in the sale of CBD products, offers the largest selection of quality CBD buds and CBD oils available in Switzerland and Europe. In our CBD shop, you will find CBD flowers and hemp flowers with different levels of CBD from many renowned Swiss producers. We privilege quality as well as the respect of the environment for the manufacturing of our CBD products extracted from CBD flowers. Our producers do not use pesticides or herbicides in their hemp and legal cannabis cultivation.

CBD and THC content is closely monitored by independent and certified laboratories. This allows us to keep the THC level below the standards of the European legislation. A level of THC lower than 0.2 or 0.3% is the standard in most European countries, including France. In Switzerland, a CBD product is fully legal if it contains less than 1% THC.

We also make it a point to offer you a shopping experience as satisfying as our products! You’ll be able to easily find the perfect highest quality CBD buds you’ve been looking for online, thanks to our categories and search filters specially designed for all CBD consumers, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran.

And since we are also passionate consumers, we know how important it is to deliver your CBD order quickly and of course, discreetly! And from a 49 CHF purchase, you get free shipping in Switzerland.

Our customers are like a big family, a community of enthusiasts who are only looking for quality. That’s why we offer them competitive prices throughout the year, as well as a loyalty and sponsorship program that allows you to save and get the best quality CBD items at low prices.

And in addition to CBD buds and CBD cannabis buds, you’ll also find a wide selection of CBD oils, hemp teas, accessories, cosmetics and skin care products and other hemp-based foods. That way, you’ll find the perfect product for your needs. It is this mix of quantity and best quality that has made us successful! And don’t hesitate to check out the reviews of our cannabidiol product line if you still have any doubts, or if you want to give us your own feedback.

How can I pay for my CBD flowers order?

You can use many different payment methods in our shop to pay for your CBD products: Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Postfinance, phone payment (Twint), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Our shop does not yet offer the possibility to pay by invoice, you can make a bank pre-payment for the total of your CBD order. Once the transfer is received, the delivery will be done quickly in 1 or 2 working days.

Is it possible to deliver CBD buds in my country?

The delivery of our range of CBD flowers and CBD oils is possible in Switzerland and France from our website at the best prices, so that you can receive the best CBD buds in Europe at your home the fastest possible. Once you have chosen your brand and added your product to the cart, you can choose your country of delivery and make your purchase with confidence. We offer free shipping for a certain amount of products sold. That is true if you are interested in buying CBD oil as well.

Is your delivery of CBD products discreet?

Yes, this is our guarantee for all our customers, and for all our deliveries, in Switzerland and in France. We deliver fast shipping and our packages are neutral and odourless, so it will be impossible to know the content of the delivery, whatever is in your order of CBD products: CBD oil, CBD hemp or CBD weed.

Ask your questions

Do you still have concerns or any questions in mind? Not sure which CBD flower fits your needs or how to use it? Our French customer service is here to help you, by phone, email, or live chat. Otherwise, you can also check the online reviews of each product (on the taste, the flavours or the level of CBD flowers, for example) to guide you in your purchases. You can also subscribe to our newsletter for all the news about CBD in Switzerland. Take care of yourself!