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Swiss Extract

THC-Free HempExtract 24% - Broad spectrum CBD Oil

CHF 99.00
CBD: 24%
The HempExtract THC-free 24% CBD is a high-quality, 100% natural, CBD oil manufactured by Swiss Extract. The HempExtract THC-free 24% hemp oil from Swiss Extract is a broad spectrum cannabis oil, in which all cannabinoids from the hemp plants except THC were extracted and retained into the final CBD product in order to maximize the potential benefits. All CBD extracts from Swiss Extract are obtained from greenhouse CBD cannabis from controlled, organic, Bio-Suisse certified cultivation in Switzerland. The CBD buds are hand-picked and the extract are produced in certified laboratories. Swiss Extract’s hemp oils are the only CBD oils with the Bio-Suisse label to date.
Lab Tested Lab Tested
Pesticides-Free Pesticides-Free
Cruelty-Free Cruelty-Free
GMO-Free GMO-Free
Herbicides-Free Herbicides-Free
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