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Welcome to our CBD oil wonderland, where choice meets value, convenience, and unrivaled quality! Prepare to embark on a journey through our multi-brand CBD shop, that’s bound to make your CBD dreams come true. We’ve curated a collection of cannabis oils that would make even the most seasoned connoisseur weak at the knees. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, relief, or a little dose of magic, our shelves are bursting with options to suit your every need. No need to settle for less when you can have it all – join us as we redefine what it means to elevate your wellness routine. Get ready to kiss the ordinary goodbye, darling!

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What is CBD oil?

Just like all CBD products, CBD oil is obtained from extract of hemp or cannabis plants specially cultivated for their high cannabidiol concentration. They belong to the Cannabis Sativa L specie and their concentration in THC is particuarly low. Consequently, the consumption of CBD oil does not cause any intoxication or psychotropic effects.

CBD oils can be consumed in several ways. Indeed, it is possible to vaporize the oil and thus absorb the active ingredients through respiratory ways. Additionally, it is also possible to add CBD drops to food or take it orally and sublingually. It’s worth to note that the mode of administration is also dependent on the type of oil. In Switzerland, none of the oils on the market are designed to be ingested,  although it is the case in the rest of Europe.

The way in which you decide to intake your CBD drops is eventually a matter of personal preferences. It’s worth noting that different modes of administration will need to different bioavailability, as explained in our article about  How to correctly dose CBD Oil. On our side, we ensure that our cannabis oils are of the purest and highest quality in Switzerland, but also in Europe. We partner with renowned producers that possess a great know-how in cannabinoid extraction and product manufacturing.

Cannabidiol is associated with many positive effects and health benefits on both the psychological and physical well-being of humans. For example, it has shown in laboratory studies to relieve from pain symptoms or to reduce anxiety.

How to obtain CBD oil?

How are CBD oils extracted?

As for olive oils (cold pressed or virgin) there are several types and grades of CBD oils. It all depends on how the Cannabidiol and other cannabinoids are extracted from the hemp plant. Here, we’ll cover the different extraction methods typically used to manufacture CBD drops.

CO2 extraction

During a CO2 extraction, the biomass is filtered through a series of chambers to isolate the various cannabinoids and terpenes of the plant at different temperatures. This is controlled by using CO2, hence the name of this method. The material is then pressed out of the plant with high pressure. CO2 extraction is currently the most widely used extraction method because it allows to isolate and remove unwanted components from the plant without leaving any residue.

Solvent extraction such as ethanol

Solvent extraction is a less expensive alternative process that is done by introducing a solvent (usually ethanol) into the hemp. This solvent base dissolves the cannabinoids and allow to extract them from the plant. The mixture is then subjected to an evaporation process, which in theory leaves only the plant’s compounds.

How is CBD oil produced?

Once the raw hemp oil exracts are have been obtained with CO2 or solvent extraction by the producer, the products are packaged and then sent for winterization and/or insulation. The process used varies depending on what type of product the customer wants.

Production process for full-spectrum or broad-spectrum extract

For broad spectrum or full spectrum Cannabidiol derived hemp drops, winterization removes waxes and other impurities. This leaves broad spectrum or full spectrum CBD oil. This contains a wide range of cannabinoid acids (decarboxylated cannabinoid precursors) / cannabinoids (carboxylated cannabinoid acids) such as THC and other Cannabidiol, terpenes and flavonoids. Here is a list of the most common ones:

  • Cannabidiol (CBD/ Cannabiodiolic acid (CBDa)
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)/ Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)/Cannabinolic acid (CBNA)
  • Cannabigerol (CBG)/Cannabigerol acid (CBGa)
  • Cannabichromene (CBC) / cannabichromenic acid (CBCa)
  • Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) / tetrahydrocannabivarin carboxylic acid (THCVA)
  • Cannabidivarin (CBDV) / cannabidivarinic acid (CBDVA)

Process for cannabinoid isolates

For cannabinoid isolates, crude hemp oil is subjected to a process called centrifugal partition chromatography (CPC) in which all other compounds are removed, leaving <99% pure Cannabidiol or other cannabinoid isolates.

What are the differences between CBD oil, cannabis oil and hemp oil?

Hemp or hempseed oil

Hemp oil can as much be part of a delicious and healthy salad dressing as it can be a remedy against dry skin. However, it won’t necessarily have the CBD or cannabis benefits you heard so much about. Why?

Well, hemp oil typically does not contain high levels of Cannabidiol, as it is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant rathe than flowers and biomass. However, it is rich in essential fatty acids and a healthy product. It’s derived from the industrial hemp crops that are mainly used to make fabrics.

CBD oil

CBD oils on the other hand are made by extracting the Cannabidiol (CBD) compound from the hemp flowers, stems and leaves of specific hemp plants: the Cannabis Sativa L. This oil is then mixed with a carrier oil (MCT oil, olive oil and more) and subsequently bottled or inserted into CBD capsules. These oils are sometimes also produced from an isolate instead of an extract. In most cases, CBD oil doesn’t contain any THC (or little). They do not have any psychoactive effects.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil refers to cannabis plant extracts. The balance between Cannabidiol and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will depend on the plant the oil is extracted from. Technically, CBD oils is a sub-category of cannabis oils. Nevertheless, when the oil is extracted from plants with a high THC level, such as skunk plants, it’s rather called a THC oil and might have psychoactive effects. If the THC content of the hemp plant is over 0.2-0.3%, it will make it illegal in most European countries (the limit is 1% in Switzerland). Before you buy cannabis oil, make sure it’s legal in your country.

What is the difference between a full spectrum and broad spectrum oil?

To put it simply: broad-spectrum CBD drops contains no THC molecules, while full-spectrum CBD oil still contains some THC molecules (up to 1% in Switzerland for it to remain legal). Despite this tiny proportion of THC, full-spectrum CBD oil, which is extracted with CO2, has no psychoactive effect.

Both full- and broad-spectrum oils can come with various carrier oils. The most common ones are MCT oil and hempseed oil. A carrier oil gets added to the CBD (or other cannabinoids) extract to compose the final product.

Is CBD oil legal in Switzerland?

Yes, CBD oil is entirely legal in Switzerland for as long as the THC content (the psychoactive molecule) doesn’t exceed 1%.

What are the effects and benefits of CBD oil?

The effects of CBD have been touted for many years and oil is one of its most popular forms. Indeed, CBD oil derived from hemp or marijuana has proven to be useful to support many conditions. Cannabidiol has shown properties as an analgesic (pain reduction), anti-inflammatory, anxiolytic (anxiety reduction) and anticonvulsant (anti-epileptic).

Note that the information provided in this article is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a doctor if you have a health risk or are taking prescription drugs or medicines. You should always seek the advice of a physician before starting any new treatment, including Cannabidiol products.

CBD: chronic pain and inflammation

The world scientific community agrees that Cannabidiol has analgesic properties. It helps reduce pain and inflammation by controlling and suppressing the α3-glycine receptors that cause the sensation of pain. CBD can also have an immunosuppressive effect, helping to reduce inflammation and pain.

How long before CBD drops takes effect?

CBD oil offers one of the fastest onset of action of any form of administration. In fact, taking it sublingually (orally)* is the most effective way to get results rapidly. Simply place a few drops under your tongue and wait for 30-60 seconds. Your mucous membranes will absord the cannabidiol and it will reach your bloodstream.

*Please verify the intended use of your CBD oil prior to ingesting. Most CBD oils in Switzerland are not authorized for ingestion.

What are the side effects of CBD oils?

Consumed in normal doses and without supplementation with other drugs, the side effects of CBD are very rare. That said, CBD can cause some people to experience side effects such as fatigue or diarrhea. Do not hesitate to consult a doctor or health professional.

How to use CBD or cannabidiol oil?

Typically, CBD oil is contained in small 10ml bottles and consumed using a dropper. The drops are then placed under the tongue for up to a minute.

Some users are wondering how to take CBD drops or how to use CBD oil in a more convenient way. Depending on the market (unfortunatlely not Switzerland for now), ingestible CBD capsules will make it easier to dose and consume cannabis oil. Additionally, rather than transporting the entire bottle, users can take just the right amount of oil with them.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD, a mulitude of other products are also available such as: flowers, hemp teas, cannabis resin and hash, moonrocks and even hemp-based skincare products such as CBD creams.

What percentage of CBD to choose for the oil?

The percentage of CBD expresses the milligrams of Cannabidiol contained in the bottle. Thus, a 10 ml bottle (about 200 drops) of 10% CBD oil contains 900 mg of CBD.

To decide wich percentage of CBD is right for you, the following aspects must be taken under consideration: your weight, your familiarity with CBD and your needs. For example, it is recommended for a 60kg person who has never taken CBD and wants to improve his sleep, to start with 10%, before eventually increasing the CBD content.

How many drops of CBD oils? How to dose CBD drops?

Since medical cannabis research is still in its infancy, we lack data on recommended CBD dosages for specific symptoms. There is no standard dosage for the number of drops to consume of CBD oil, it will depend on several factors, but especially on consumption habits.

Indeed, health professionals, experienced users and empirical evidence seem to advise to start with a dose of about 25mg of CBD twice a day, or about 5 drops of oil concentrated at 10%. It is then possible to increase the CBD dosage by 25mg every 3 to 4 weeks depending on the first results.

That being said, everyone’s body reacts and interacts differently with cannabinoids. For this reason, finding the right dosage for yourself will be somewhat of a journey. You should iterate and try various dosage to find the one that brings you an increased level of wellbeing.

What are the best brands of CBD oil?

This is a very good question and most likely everyone will have their own answer! It will depend on a lot of factors. For instace, what range is offered? What CBD content? and many other factors. One thing is for sure though: 100% of the brands present on uWeed are wroth the try.

We search and select only the best Swiss CBD oils. We guarantee strict quality through a series of rigorous controls and tests. We also ensure that extracts used for products on our website stem from flowers cultivated as naturally as possible. At a minitmum, this means no chemical pesticides or herbicides was used.

How much does CBD oil cost?

There are CBD drops for all budget (like most things in life). A bottle can range from CHF 10.- to over CHF 200.- for very high quality oils. For a 10% full spectrum CBD oil, prices generally start around CHF 50.- for a 10ml bottle of a very good quality oil. Then, as the CBD content increases, so does the price. As a general rule, you should expect to pay between CHF 40-60 per gram of cannabidiol.

CBD can also be useful for our dear animal friends: discover our collection of CBD oils for pets and animals.

Why should you buy CBD?

CBD is known for a range of wellness benefits. Scientific research has shown the cannabidiol could potentially calm anxiety, reduce stress, relieve from chronic pain, improve sleep disorders and insomnia as well as strengthen the immune system. Scientists believe that it could also help fight the symptoms and side effects of serious diseases such as cancer and multiple sclerosis.

However, you may still have some questions: Where can you buy cannabis oil that meets the required quality standards? What is the best way to consume Swiss CBD oil? What are the effects? Look no further: uWeed offers the best of Swiss CBD by selecting only the best manufacturers, according to strict quality standards.

Where can I buy CBD oil online?

In general, there are two main channels to buy your CBD: physical stores and online shops. Buying on the internet is generally a sure way to access a larger selection of oils. But beware as customers sometimes find the quality of products bought on obscure websites dubious. Our recommendation is simple: buy it on uWeed 🙂

In a few clicks it is now possible to find all the best Swiss CBD oils online from our CBD Shop. We are sure you’ll love it 🙂

We offer strict quality controls and work only with the best brands. All our oils are manufactured using natural products based on cannabis of Swiss origin. This is the assurance of getting the best quality oil, delivered quickly to your home and boost in your overall wellbeing.

In which cities can I buy cannabis oil?

To ensure buying  the highest quality standards and THC levels that are compliant with your country’s regulations, turn to a reputable brand or reseller. uWeed, is one of the largest controlled CBD marketplaces in Europe. We offer a wide range of the highest quality products and brand that will cater to every needs. Whether you are in Bern, Geneva, Basel, Zürich or Lugano, opt for an online purchase of your CBD products. You’ll get a speedy delivery and get your hands on the best brands at the best prices.

Additionally, we also offer CBG oils.

Why buy Swiss CBD oil from uWeed?

The quality of CBD oils is our obsession and passion. Our company has searched and selected only the best Swiss CBD brands. Save yourself some time and ont’ look further or compare across websites. It’s simple, all products sold on uWeed are of high quality. We select only the best brands and products.

How can I pay for my products on uWeed?

You can use many payment methods to pay on uWeed: Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Postfinance, phone payment (Twint), Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Our company does not yet offer the possibility to pay by invoice, but it is possible to make a bank transfer (pre-paid) for your CBD items. Once the transfer is received, delivery will be made in 1-2 business days.

Unfortunately, Paypal does not work with companies operating in the cannabis industry.

Is delivery possible in my country?

Our company can deliver your CBD oils in Switzerland and everywhere in Europe, in a safe and fast shipment from our site. Please have a look at our shipping page for more details, which you can acess from the footer.

Are your shipments and deliveries discreet?

Yes, we guarantee discretion. All our CBD oils and products are sent in discreet and odorless packages. It is impossible to tell what you have ordered from the outside of the box. We do not mention our brand name “uWeed” anywhere.