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1807 Blends

uWeed introduces 1807 Blends! If you are looking for one of the best Swiss CBD oils, you are in the right place. On top of that, you can enjoy their products with a 5% discount through the uWeed loyalty club.

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Who is 1807 Blends?

1807 Blends is a Swiss brand specialized in the production of CBD oils, for us humans, but also for animals! The company produces its oils in the cantons of Valais and Vaud. It makes a point of honor to create the purest, healthiest, and obviously the highest quality Cannabidiol oil Switzerland possible. All their oils are controlled and certified by independent Swiss laboratories.

What CBD products does the brand offer?

1807 Blends is specialized only in the production of high end CBD oils, i.e. full spectrum, in order to take full advantage of the surrounding effect of all the cannabinoids being present in the cannabis and hemp plants.

CBD oils

You will find many full spectrum oils from 1807 Blends on our online CBD store, with a THC content of 0%. The rate of CBD is subtly indicated in the name of their oils: THE TEN (10% of CBD), THE TWENTY (20% of CBD), THE FORTY (40% of CBD, the most powerful).

You will also find the CBD oil THE TWENTY with three versions flavored with apple, raspberry and peppermint.

CBD oils for animals

1807 Blends has not forgotten our four-legged friends and also a range of CBD for dogs (THE BARK) and CBD for cats (THE MEOW). These oils are specially designed for animals, without terpenes, which can be harmful to them.

What do consumers think about 1807 Blends?

The easiest way to see the quality of their products is to see the positive reviews left by our many customers directly on our online store.

For example, The Ten CBD oil from 1807 Blends is widely acclaimed on uWeed with an exceptional 5/5 rating from our customers!

Where can I buy their products?

Nothing could be easier! You can add 1807 Blends CBD products to your uWeed shopping cart, and you’ll get free and fast delivery within 24 hours anywhere in Switzerland!

Do you have a coupon code?

No. We have something better! 5% off all your future uWeed orders with our loyalty club. And for discounts and cheaper 1807 CBD oils, you can place your first order online with 10% off by simply signing up for our newsletter.