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Swiss Extract

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Who is Swiss Extract?

Swiss Extract was founded in 2016 by Dominic, Lucien, Manfred, Stevie and three other members. One year later, they were already growing their first BioSuisse certified cannabis in a 1 hectare greenhouse in Ried near Kerzers. In 2018, the first CBD oil they are known for today was launched on the Swiss market. Swiss Extract produces exclusively in greenhouse or outdoor and that without pesticides.

They will also be one of the official suppliers of THC cannabis in a cannabis pilot project that will take place in Switzerland starting this year.

The entire process of producing our products – from cultivation to labeling – takes place in Switzerland. For their efforts and investments, they are rewarded with BioSuisse certification: the bud stands for impeccable top quality. One of the best CBD in switzerland.

What brand CBD products can I buy on uWeed?

CBD Oils

In our CBD shop, we offer you the high-quality full-spectrum and broad-spectrum oils from Makre Swiss Extract. These are available in 10 ml bottles and with CBD content ranging from 6% to 24%. All extracts used in the production of CBD oils are derived from greenhouse (greenhouse) cannabis from certified organic, Bio-Suisse certified cultivation in Switzerland. The CBD flowers are hand-picked and the CBD extract is produced in certified laboratories.

Full Spectrum Oils

This brand offers CBD oils with different proportions of cannabidiol. On our online store you can find these full spectrum hemp oils with 6%, 12%, 16%, 18% or 24% of CBD depending on your needs.

HempExtract 24% : Swiss Extract’s HempExtract 24% is a full spectrum cannabis oil, meaning all cannabinoids (including THC) from the hemp plants have been extracted and retained in the final hemp product to maximize the potential effects.

Broad Spectrum Oils

As for the broad spectrum CBD oils, the brand offers 6%, 12%, 16%, 18%, or 24% oils. So you have a wide range of oils with different CBD contents and thus different effects.

HempExtract FREE 6% : Swiss Extract’s Hemp Oil THC-free HempExtract 6% is a broad spectrum cannabis oil, meaning all cannabinoids (except THC) from the hemp plants have been extracted and retained in the final cannabis product to maximize potential effects.

Two of their oils were the CBD oil test winners from Switzerland in the 2019 K-tip report, and they are Hempextract Full Spectrum 12% and Hempextract Broad Spectrum 12%.

What are the customer reviews on Swiss Extract?

Trust the customers and lovers of CBD oils and find out what they have to say about Swiss Extract on uWeed! Being one of the most popular Swiss brands, you can find thousands of reviews on all our products directly on the product pages.

At Swiss Extract, almost all CBD oils have a 5/5 star rating. These extremely positive reviews are due to the high quality of the products.

So, before you add Swiss Extract legal cannabis to your shopping cart, carefully choose your strain based on CBD content or THC content thanks to customer reviews.

Where can I buy Swiss Extract products?

On your uWeed online store:

Of course at uWeed, your favorite store! Discover our range of Schweitzer Swiss Extract CBD oils. We take the quality of our products very seriously and offer you only the highest quality products. Fast and free shipping to Switzerland from an order value of CHF 50.00 (incl. VAT). Guaranteed delivery to Europe in 5 to 10 days.

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