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CBD Puff

The Puff CBD is the new tool for CBD vape aficionados. It is historically a disposable vape pen. However, refillable e-cigarettes with an integrated, pre-filled CBD e-liquid cartridge have started to appear on the market. They are known for their practicality and affordability due to their low price. uWeed is an online CBD shop specializing in CBD products and offers you a selection of the best disposable or refillable CBD e-cigarettes!

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We are here to accompany you in your quest for well-being with our disposable CBD puffs or eco-friendly refillable puffs. Enjoy CBD Puff without nicotine on uWeed to fulfill all your cannabidiol desires for a moment of well-being. We only select the best brands and independently test all products in third-party laboratories to provide the perfect choice.

Need more information? You can find our guide at the bottom of the page, making you an expert on disposable CBD puffs and helping you make the best choice, whether of flavors or strength.

A CBD puff

What is a CBD Puff?

Puff e-cigarettes have recently gained popularity due to their compact size, ease of use, and transport. These e-cigarettes are either disposable or refillable and come pre-filled with CBD e-liquid. CBD Puffs contain no THC, so they have no psychoactive effects. They are available in various shapes and colors, allowing you to enjoy the effects of cannabidiol. There are many flavors, from fruity to menthol to sweet, but the classic hemp flavor remains unbeaten for CBD e-liquid enthusiasts.

Experience the simplicity of a cost-effective, disposable, or refillable CBD vape pen, and enjoy all our high-quality CBD products in our CBD shop.

How does a CBD Puff work?

A Swiss CBD Puff is similar to conventional e-cigarettes but comes pre-filled with CBD e-liquid in various concentrations. CBD Puffs feature automatic vaporization triggered by inhalation, making them incredibly easy to use. Like a regular cigarette or e-cigarette, you must take a puff to fill your lungs. These disposable CBD e-cigarettes contain a built-in, non-rechargeable battery and a sealed capsule filled with CBD e-liquid, which cannot be replaced or refilled.

In contrast, there are now 100% rechargeable CBD Puffs called “PUDD” from the Marie Jeanne brand, a true innovation. They are practical, cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and designed for environmentally conscious vapers.

You don’t need to be an expert or have advanced knowledge of CBD to vape, as disposable or refillable e-cigarettes have no requirements for filling or changing coils. All components of a Swiss CBD Puff are non-replaceable. Disposable puffs are meant to be discarded, unlike the rechargeable puffs from Marie Jeanne.

Marie Jeanne's new PUDDs

What are the advantages of a CBD Puff?

Why invent a new way to consume CBD e-liquid or regular e-liquids when many are already on the market? A disposable or refillable CBD e-cigarette brings simplicity to the world of e-cigarettes, allowing everyone to discover or consume CBD and enjoyably.

It may only suit some vapers but has found an audience among beginners and casual vapers.

Disposable or Refillable

Dead battery? Burnt coil? Empty tank? All these issues can occur with any vaper using an e-cigarette. The disposable CBD Puff eliminates these problems because you can dispose of it at the first sign of trouble and then enjoy your new CBD Puff e-cigarette.

However, rechargeable CBD Puffs like the PUDD from Marie Jeanne are simple and more eco-friendly: you only need to recharge the battery. You need to change the cartridge for everything else, and you’re good to go!

In any case, it is essential to have your disposable e-cigarettes or disposable CBD Puffs recycled. You can do this at a store that offers such services. This is important because batteries contain lithium, an extremely polluting component.

Recycling symbol for disposable electronic cigarettes


One of the main advantages of this disposable CBD vape pen is its simplified use. Conventional e-cigarettes generally have multiple buttons, a screen for controlling settings, a selectable temperature, etc. In contrast, disposable CBD Puffs (or disposable e-cigarettes) have no buttons and no hassle for consuming the correct dose of CBD (at most, you might find disposable Puff e-cigarettes with just one button). You only need to take a puff to enjoy CBD-rich vapor with the flavor (orange, kiwi, mango, candy, fruity, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, red fruits, cannabis, etc.) and your chosen CBD concentration.


Thanks to its small size and design, it doesn’t take up more space than a pen and easily fits in your pocket or purse. Very light, the disposable or refillable CBD vape is the perfect tool for vaping cannabidiol wherever you are.

No Combustion

A disposable or refillable CBD Puff is less harmful than a conventional e-cigarette. One puff from an e-cigarette produces a lot of smoke compared to one puff from a CBD Puff. Furthermore, an e-cigarette heats the liquid to its combustion point and will burn it.

During this combustion, toxins can harm the body and your health. The CBD Puff, on the other hand, heats the liquid but at a lower temperature, preventing combustion.

The absence of combustion helps preserve the terpenes and other components of CBD e-liquid or disposable pods.

What is the lifespan of a disposable CBD Puff?

The battery of a disposable CBD Puff has a different lifespan depending on the model of the e-cigarette. To be precise, autonomy is often measured in terms of the number of puffs (for example, 700 puffs). A lithium battery provides the energy needed to reach this number of puffs. So, a CBD Puff has a unique lifespan, non-rechargeable and non-reusable. Those most concerned about the environment may prefer rechargeable CBD vape pens like Marie Jeanne’s.

The shape of a PUDD from Marie Jeanne

How to choose a CBD Puff?

Several criteria can guide your search for a disposable or refillable CBD vape pen. The first thing to consider when purchasing from a puff bar is the CBD concentration. If you want to make the most of the experience, choosing the proper dosage is necessary.

If you’re a beginner or have very (very) regular use throughout the day, we recommend a CBD Puff with a low dosage (100 mg/ml).

Highly dosed CBD Puffs are reserved for experienced users, for those who prefer occasional use and know their needs.

All disposable or refillable CBD Puffs come pre-filled with flavored CBD e-liquid, from the natural flavor of hemp to other more aromatic notes to suit your preferences and make it accessible to everyone. Are you looking for an authentic cannabis taste at your fingertips all day long? Or do you prefer a fruity or fresh flavor? You will find the disposable or refillable puff bar that suits you on our website and online CBD shop at uWeed!

Select the CBD dosage

Dosages vary depending on the brand and the available CBD disposable Puffs, but there is always a dosage close to your needs. Common dosages include:

  • 300 mg/10 ml
  • 600 mg/10 ml
  • 1000 mg/10 ml

If you have no experience with vaping CBD, starting with the lowest dosage, taking a step-by-step approach to your discovery of CBD is strongly recommended. If you have any doubts about your ideal dosage, don’t hesitate to consult our customer service team or discuss it with your doctor or a healthcare professional.

Choosing from the available flavors and tastes

The CBD cigarette Puff has become very popular thanks to its collection of flavors and tastes. There are a few main categories to classify these tastes and make your choice easier.

First, there are the so-called fruity flavors. These flavors encompass all flavors closely or remotely related to fruit flavor. Here are some of the tastes you can find:

  • Red fruits and berries include raspberry, cherry, blueberry, and the like.
  • Apple, grape, melon
  • Tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Mango or kiwi
  • Peach, bananas
  • etc…

Each flavor includes various variants (acidic, astonishing…, etc.).

Then there’s the family of sweet flavors, which encompasses almost all other artificial flavors:

  • Gum
  • Cookies
  • Choco-Hazelnut
  • etc…

And finally, for enthusiasts and old-school vapers, there are flavors from hemp and cannabis (Black, White, Haze, Ketama, Gorilla, Greeneo, etc.). These flavors are named based on the variety from which the CBD in the e-liquid is derived, as in our example with the Puff CBD Amnesia.

Several fruits representing the different fruity CBD puff flavors

Puff CBD Amnesia

The Puff CBD Amnesia guarantees the natural flavors of CBD Amnesia cannabis. It is nicotine-free and fully recyclable. With one puff, immerse yourself in its relaxing and soothing effects.

uWeed offers you an exceptional product guaranteed by our CBD and hemp experts. So you can experience the same effects and experience as if you were smoking your favorite Amnesia flower.

What is the price for an affordable CBD disposable cigarette?

At uWeed, our disposable CBD cigarettes are available, starting from 14.90 CHF to about 29.90 CHF, depending on the models and brands. To compare CBD Puffs well, you can compare the price with the estimated number of puffs you expect from a CBD Puff. Some products have a longer lifespan than others, so consider this in your purchase and comparison. You can use this information as a reference in your search and purchase of a disposable or refillable CBD Puff.

Why choose uWeed to buy your CBD Disposable Puff?

Now that you know the characteristics of an excellent disposable or refillable CBD Puff, you will find on uWeed a selection of some of the best brands and products available on the market.

On uWeed, you will find all our advice and guides to help you search for the best disposable or refillable CBD vape pen. We also offer additional helpful content (such as guides or many tips) to make your choice and find the best product that suits your needs. Not to mention the many customer reviews from the Club uWeed community. Armed with this information, you can choose from our wide range of CBD products for sale on our website and confidently add them to your cart.

Furthermore, we deliver quickly to Switzerland and many other countries. Remember our welcome discount if you sign up for our free newsletter.

Our disposable and rechargeable CBD Puffs comply with Swiss legislation, so you can always be sure to have a legal and controlled product. Enjoy our 24-hour delivery!