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Moon Rocks

Discover the Moonrock, this CBD flower bathed in cannabis oil then rolled in pollen. Discover the powerful effects of these products with a high CBD content, at affordable prices. You will quickly understand the success of these enriched CBD flowers and its effects. Try Moon Rocks now, available in fast and free delivery from our online store.

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All about Moon Rock

Have you ever tried the Moonrock? Intended for the informed smokers, the Moon Rock makes it possible to obtain powerful effects and very quickly. Indeed, originating from the west coast of the United States, Moonrocks have traditionally a high level of THC. This causes a powerful high. Unfortunately, they are prohibited in the European countries where the levels of THC authorized are between 0,2 and 1 %. However, there is a growing popularity and availability of cannabidiol (CBD) products. This means that it is now possible to enjoy the power of moon rock products; all while staying within the law. Let’s take a closer look at it all.

What is Moonrock?

A moonrock is a cannabidiol digest, where CBD flowers (the head) are soaked in CBD oil. They are then rolled in kief or CBD pollen, to give a product of great quality. This product contains a large amount of CBD. Attention, even if these products contain no or little THC. The moonrock remains a variety of powerful product reserved for a reasoned use, to the persons of more than 18 years. Moreover, the customers who bought the moonrocks on our site generally consulted information available on the site.

Where do Moon Rocks come from?

No one knows exactly where moonrocks come from. But legend has it that they were created in a California dispensary and popularized by the rapper Kurupt. Kurupt then registered his own trademark, “Kurupt Moonrock”.

But what about the Moon Rock loaded with CBD? Well, it’s pretty much the same thing. But the hemp flower used has a high cannabidiol content and a THC level close to zero. The cannabis flowers are coated in cannabidiol oil and rolled in pollen. This allows for a low THC experience.

What are the differences between Moonrock and Ice Rock?

Moonrock is a flower covered in CBD pollen. While the ice rocks CBD are covered with crystals of CBD (isolate). They offer products even more powerful, with intense flavors. The opinions of the consumers are without appeal. These flowers have a quantity and a content of CBD incomparable, with a taste and an instantaneous effect. You hesitate between the two? Before adding it to the cart, you can check the reviews of each product and its effects. This will allow you to shop with the right information in mind!

What is the most powerful CBD?

Moonrocks are one of the most powerful CBD products on the market. They are reserved for cannabis enthusiasts and have very relaxing and calming effects. Moon Rock is a type of concentrated flower that can offer Cannabidiol levels up to 80%.

Indeed, the quantity of CBD is consequent in products like the Moon Rock for example. For this reason, people wishing to add it to their cart should read the reviews of each hemp product; including its effect before proceeding to the delivery stage.

How to consume CBD moonrocks?

The simplest and most common method of consuming CBD moonrocks is by inhalation. We advise you to use a glass pipe or a bong for the consumption of these so particular CBD flowers. Regardless of the variety and quality.

How to grind or crumble the Moonrock?

It is a very important question! Indeed, it is not recommended to use a grinder to crumble your moonrock. In fact, its sticky texture will not be suitable for the grinder. Instead, use your fingers, a knife or scissors to crumble your moonrock product.

How do you smoke moonrocks?

The easiest way to smoke moonrocks is to invest in a bong or pipe. And you can have some CBD cannabis flower to make it easier to light. You can also crumble it into small pieces and roll it into a joint with a tobacco substitute.

First, make sure you have: a gram of quality moon rock (of course). Then provide the same amount of CBD flower, a sharp blade or knife, a pipe or bong. Then finally, a tray and a lighter. Place your CBD moonrock weed on your rolling tray. Cut it into five or six small pieces, pack the flower into the pipe, then place your moonrock on top. With your lighter, slowly burn the top of the moonrock so that it melts on the flower. But make sure it doesn’t catch fire. Then inhale with low heat and without touching it.

What are the benefits of smoking moonrocks?

Why do people choose moonrocks over other cannabis products? Quite simply, because it’s a great value for money, plus it tastes powerful with these quality CBD flowers.  You don’t need to invest in hemp flower, CBD pollen, and cannabis oil; instead, you’ll get an all-in-one, ready-to-use product. Plus, their high Cannabidiol content allows you to get all the benefits of CBD. As a reminder, many legal cannabis users report improved mood, reduced stress levels. And even a reduction in chronic pain symptoms.

What are the disadvantages of smoking moonrock?

In the end, there are relatively few downsides to moonrock. Unlike their high THC counterparts, CBD moonrock won’t get you high. Although one small drawback might be that moonrocks should ideally be smoked with a pipe or bong, which means you need to have that equipment on hand. They can also be difficult to prepare and consume for novice smokers.

Want to learn all about moonrock? The uWeed team is here to give you all the advice you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more!

What is the price of moonrocks?

The prices of the moonrocks vary according to the flowers, the rate in total, as well as other parameters. But on average, a gram of moonrock usually starts at around CHF 9.00 (about € 10). But on uWeed, you can get a discount coupon if you sign up with your e-mail address to the loyalty club, to collect loyalty points, and thus enjoy a discount coupon from time to time on your cart and product (depending on availability). Moreover, if you leave a review on your product, you will get an extra coupon on our loyalty program.

Where to buy Moon Rock?

You will have understood, you are at the right place on our website for a fast delivery of moonrocks at your home. In total, you will be able to add to your basket the ideal Swiss CBD product corresponding to your needs, for powerful effects.