CBD Geneva: Cannabis and weed stores

Whether you live in the city of Geneva or just hanging out on the shores of Lake Geneva, you may be looking for the best CBD Shop in the city? Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will find all the information to find the best CBD in Geneva.

If you prefer to choose among hundreds of products and  be certain to find the right quality, we would advise you to discover without any further delay our CBD Shop uWeed. You’ll enjoy fast and free delivery on over 50 brands and 500 legal cannabis products, full transparency on the products and attentive customer service.

Here are for instance a few of our top categories available in your online store and possibly in most CBD shops in  Geneva.

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Buy CBD in Geneva

For the moment, uWeed does not own a brick-and-mortar weed shop in Geneva. Indeed, the operating costs are too important and we have therefore decided to invest in more important activities (according to us), to better match your needs. Here are some examples of how we reinvest that money:

1. Compliance with the law

The Swiss legislation on cannabis evolves very regularly. The same is true for CBD products, especially for cannabis oils. You may have heard about it, but the Swiss Association of Cantonal Chemists have changed their judgement on CBD oils, making 85% of CBD products non-compliant (and this also for CBD from Geneva). But not on uWeed! Indeed, our lawyers specialized in the CBD field allow us to market only 100% legal and compliant products.

2. Quality control

Quality is the central and crucial element in the cannabis industry. Indeed, many retailers allow themselves to sacrifice the quality of their CBD products, simply to offer low prices. Given a disappointing quality, consumers do not benefit from the effects of cannabinoids, which will not leave a good memory.
On our uWeed store, it is the opposite. We invest a substantial budget on the fine and meticulous selection of CBD producers, by scrupulously checking the completeness of the modes of production and the official documents. Also, all our CBD products are tested by specialized and independent laboratories. Your CBD product is therefore certified top-of-the-line.

3. The satisfaction of our customers

As the largest CBD retailer in Switzerland (but also in Geneva), our mission is to offer you an exceptional buying experience. From the first advice to the delivery, including many answers to your questions by phone, we are always there for our CBD enthusiasts. With over 10,000 repeat customers and thousands of positive reviews, we are proud to have earned the trust of our consumers every day. In fact, our rating of 4.9/5 on Google Maps puts us ahead of all CBD stores in Geneva, but also in Switzerland.

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Cannabis consumers are happy with the CBD shops in Geneva

But what is CBD anyway?

CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a cannabinoid present in the hemp plant (or “cannabis”). It is therefore a chemical molecule. But it is important to differentiate it from the other cannabinoid, THC, which causes the “high” effects, and which is illegal. CBD is not psychotropic, which is why it is perfectly legal and therefore available to all people over 18 years old.

Cannabidiol is widely used in the world for its benefits on the body and its effects of well-being. According to a uWeed study on CBD consumers in Switzerland, they use CBD to improve sleep or CBD to ease pain. Whether it’s for stress relief or skin benefits, there are many other positive uses for CBD, which you can find in our CBD guides for proper use.

CBD brands near Geneva

Switzerland being the heart of premium CBD production in Europe, there are many Swiss CBD brands around Geneva. But on uWeed, we made the choice to select only the best brands of CBD Geneva, so you can add in your cart only the best of CBD flowers and oils.

In addition to a discreet and express delivery in less than 24 hours in Switzerland, you can pay your CBD order in Geneva with all our payment methods: credit cards (Visa and Mastercard), Twint, bank transfer, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Where to find CBD in Geneva? Our selection of the best shops in the city

If you prefer to visit a CBD shop in Geneva (also called weed shop Geneva), here is a list of CBD stores we like:

  • Naturalpes CBD shop c/o Kahna Queen – Rue Maunoir 19, 1207 Geneva, +41 22 736 13 47

  • Marry Jane – Rue du Mont-Blanc 30, 1201 Geneva, +41 44 585 97 97

  • Holyweed Suisse – Rue des Eaux-Vives 18, 1207 Geneva, +41 22 322 10 90

  • Suisse CBD Labs – Rpe de Choully 4, 1242 Satigny

Be careful, we strongly advise you not to buy CBD products in kiosks, gas stations and other retailers outside the official stores! Indeed, the quality is often lower and the storage conditions (light, temperature, etc.) are bad for the cannabis flowers.

Find CBD in other cities in Switzerland

CBD being very trendy since a few years (not only in Geneva), many CBD stores of quality opened everywhere in Switzerland. Here are some good addresses if you travel a little in Switzerland: