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Qualicann: Quality Cannabis Products Made in Switzerland

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Qualicann is a Swiss manufacturer of high-quality CBD products including CBD cannabis flowers, CBD drops and the hemp cosmetics. Their cannabis plants are grown and cared for with much love and expertise. Under organic growing conditions, they create pure cannabis plants that are completely free of chemical pesticides or herbicides. Additionally, they extract cannabinoids carefully in order to create high-quality CBD oils without any additives or dyes. Finally, Qualicann only uses the best hemp plants genetics for their CBD flowers to keep their fragrance and flavor for weeks thanks to special packaging. If you’re looking for the best organic CBD products, Qualicann offers exactly what you need. Have a look at our extensive CBD shop and experience the variety and taste of Qualicann’s products for yourself.

High-Quality Products from Qualicann in the uWeed Online Shop

In our online shop, you will find products from many reknown Swiss CBD brands. Our CBD shop offers a vast assortment of hemp products, from classic CBD oils and CBD flowers to CBD capsules, hemp food, hemp cosmetics and CBD hemp plants. However, uWeed specializes only in the sale of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. Qualicann is one of those brands.
Therefore, Qualicann’s products underwent strict quality control. We run regular analysis in certified laboratories to verfify the THC limit of 1% is never exceeded. Additionally, we ensure that no dangerous residues of chemicals are found in the product and that cannabinoids content matches those communicated by the brands. This way, only the best legal cannabis products make it into our uWeed shop.

Qualicann – The Right CBD Product for Every Need

Find a large selection of high-quality CBD products from Qualicann in uWeed’s online shop. CBD oils are available with different levels of CBD and THC content in order to meet your individual needs. We also carry CBD flowers of different cannabis strains having grown in various conditions. If you have any questions about our products, you can contact our experienced staff at any time. We are happy to assist you in choosing the right CBD products.