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CBD Seeds

If you like Cannabidiol products and you have a green thumb, you will surely enjoy planting your own CBD seeds. Growing your own cannabidiol hemp plants is perfectly legal, as long as the THC content is below 1% in Switzerland and 0.3% in Europe. So discover without further delay how to choose and grow the best CBD seeds online!

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What is a CBD seed?

The seeds of CBD are simply seeds which will give plants of hemp with high content of Cannabidiol. Indeed, these seeds of cannabis result from the varieties Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica. They are known for their high CBD content. Moreover, they do not contain (or very little) of THC. That makes it possible to respect the legality in Switzerland, in France and in Europe.

Note that they are perfectly identical to traditional cannabis seeds. Indeed, they need the same attention during their culture and their bloom, in light as in water. They are all self-flowering CBD seeds, regular or feminized. You will be able to extract the CBD from your hemp plants, and get your own cannabis flowers. Or make your own products like CBD oils.

How to choose a CBD seed?

Here’s a quick guide for you to order the best CBD seeds online. So to find the right product to add to your cart, discover our tips to follow according to your desires and needs for your Swiss CBD products.

The genetics or varieties of hemp

The first thing to consider for your CBD seeds is the variety of cannabis plant strains. There are three main varieties (also called strains) of hemp. These are Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica, as well as the hybrid variety, a mixture of the two.

The strain of cannabis seeds

  • The variety Cannabis Sativa, for a use mainly in daytime.
    It is often used to fight against the chronic pains or the anxiety. The consumers of these seeds note energizing effects. The Sativa flower can even help some to concentrate better and develop their creativity.
  • The variety Cannabis Indica, for a use mainly in the evening or at the end of the day. Indica cannabis products have rather relaxing effects. Cannabis plants grown from CBD Indica seeds usually help muscles to relax.
  • The hybrid Sativa and Indica variety, the 3rd of the varieties, is simply the cross between the Sativa and Indica variety. The hemp flowers resulting from these seeds make it possible to conceive a weed or products softer. They thus offer the best of each of the two varieties.

Types of CBD seeds

Once you have found the CBD seed variety that suits you, you will have the choice between three types of seeds: regular, feminized or self-flowering.

  • Regular seeds are a natural mix between female and male seeds. Remember that we are only interested in female seeds for growing CBD flowers. So you reduce your chances of getting female hemp plants.
  • Feminized CBD seeds: as the name suggests, growers offer a production of only female seeds. Or at least 95%. You obtain only a selection of seeds which will give beautiful cannabis plants without THC, and rich in CBD.
  • Autoflowering CBD seeds: suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. These autoflowering seeds make it possible to obtain plants quickly in three or four weeks.

The terpene profile

Terpenes are a class of hydrocarbons produced by cannabis plants. These plants thus give them their taste and their perfume, so appreciated by the consumers of CBD Switzerland. There are many different terpene profiles. So, you can choose according to your preferences directly on the cards of the seeds of CBD. V1, Harlequin, Strawberry, White Widow, Swiss Dream, Himalayan… you will be spoilt for choice!

The type of culture of the seeds of CBD

Depending on whether you are indoors or outdoors, you can choose indoor or outdoor cannabidiol seeds. Or greenhouse, to produce flowers with high content in CBD.

The seed producers

If you are a connoisseur, you can also choose your seeds according to the Swiss producers. Indeed, the most known are: Fenocan, Sensi seeds, Sweet seeds, Royal queen seeds, Dutch Passion, CBD Crew, etc.

Where to buy Swiss CBD seeds?

You will find a great choice of seeds for your hemp plants on uWeed! We offer you an express shipping and delivery in 24 hours if you are in Switzerland. Or just a few days for France and Europe. Our CBD shop offers you a clear menu in French, so you can easily find the best products for your needs. Indeed, we regularly offer you a large number of new quality products, to offer you a wide range of CBD seeds.

And if you need any further advice or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service directly, who will be happy to guide you through your purchase. Also, you can look at the customer reviews directly on the products and seeds to get a better idea.