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Green Passion, the Swiss cannabis manufacturer processes high-quality CBD hemp into various products. All of those you can buy in the uWeed CBD Shop. Their products are exclusively made in Switzerland, to be more precise, in the Canton of Zurich. Special Cannabis varieties, such as Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica, are grown under constant control of the THC content. Only the best hemp buds arrive in our online shop. We offer Green Passion products with different CBD contents ranging from 9% to 23%.

High-quality Green Passion products at uWeed

uWeed specializes in the sale of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. You will find products from more than 50 brands and manufacturers in our online shop. Green Passion from Zurich is one of these manufacturers. It offers high-quality CBD hemp with different CBD contents. This allows you to optimally adapt their products to your individual needs. Only the highest quality buds are processed and their CBD hemp is grown 100% in Switzerland. Various hemp strains are cultivated, such as Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica for the production of Green Passion CBD products. While the products of Cannabis Sativa have a stimulating and invigorating effect, the products of Cannabis Indica are known for their calming effect. Green Passion also processes cannabis hybrids into high-quality CBD hemp. Their product portfolio is large and includes buds from all cultivation types. There are indoor, outdoor, and greenhouse cultivated plants.

Variety of Green Passion CBD Hemp

The CBD Hemp plants are organically grown and are free of any pesticides and herbicides. Furthermore, no tobacco or nicotine is added to hemp. The CBD buds are shipped in special airtight packaging and thus retain their taste and aroma for several months. The THC content of the products is constantly monitored. This ensures, that the limit value is never exceeded and the high-quality products have no psychoactive effect.
At uWeed, you can find the right Green Passion product for every need . Close monitoring of the THC content in certified laboratories ensures that the products do not exceed the approved limits. So you can only purchase completely legal CBD Hemp products from uWeed. Furthermore, you can look forward to delivery the very next day. From a purchase value of CHF 49.00.- shipping is even completely free for you. If you have any questions about this manufacturer’s products from Zurich, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced staff. Alternatively, Green Passion also has brick-and-mortar CBD shops. But you will find our online shop provides you all the information you may need.

Green Passion – CBD Hemp from organic cultivation

At uWeed, you can only purchase fully legal CBD products. In addition to high-quality CBD Hemp from this manufacturer, you will also find a large selection of other CBD products in our online shop. uWeed offers CBD oil, CBD buds, CBD edibles, and skincare products from more than 50 Swiss manufacturers. Take a look at our wide range of products and enjoy the wide variety of our CBD products. Change your life for the better with Cannabidiol, especially such high-quality Cannabidiol.