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CBD Ice Rocks

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What is Ice Rock CBD?

Called Ice Rock CBD or ice rock, these high-end products are highly concentrated in Cannabidiol and are intended for the seasoned consumer. Indeed, it is a 3-in-1 product. A Swiss CBD flower is soaked in CBD oil and then covered with CBD crystals (isolate)! A CBD ice rock thus resembles a small white crystalline pebble, with very pronounced aromas. Its rate of CBD can reach until 85% of CBD. It is thus a product very concentrated in cannabidiol. You know now why they are so successful.

What is the difference between Moonrocks and Ice Rocks

These two products are very similar, both having a very strong CBD content and a very characteristic rocky appearance. However, the moonrocks are covered with pollen CBD when the ice rocks CBD are covered with crystals of CBD. The pollen is recovered directly on the flowers of hemp with the terpenes and trichomes. The crystals are obtained by extraction by CO2 of the plant of cannabis Sativa. It is moreover the purest form of CBD, the crystals offering a rate of cannabidiol close to 99%.

How to crumble Ice Rocks?

You can simply crumble your CBD ice rock with a small grater, your favorite grinder, or with a small mortar and pestle. Each customer has its own use, so you can add it to the basket and consume it as you wish.

How to consume Ice Rock?

There are several ways to consume ice rock extract, depending on your needs and desired effects. So, before you choose the best CBD products in our store, find out the different ways to consume it:

The dabbing

Even if you need a bit of equipment (a dab, or bong), this is the most common way to consume CBD ice rock. Simply take it out of its packaging, select an extract according to the amount you want, then heat it up in the dab and inhale. The effects of cannabinoids and active agents are almost immediate.

In vaporization

With a vaporizer well adjusted on 180°, you can enjoy a quality consumption without combustion. To vaporize is to smoke but without altering the products or its effects.

In infusion

You can enjoy a moment of relaxation by infusing an ice rock. Don’t forget to add a fatty substance (cream, milk or vegetable oil), to fix all the molecules.

In food preparation

Adding a few milligrams to your favorite recipe is a great idea to enjoy this variety of high CBD products along with your favorite dishes. Add a few heads to your cookie mix for the perfect taste on the tip of your tongue*.

If in doubt, find out what dosage of CBD to apply.

*It is forbidden to ingest CBD products in Switzerland, although it is allowed everywhere else in Europe.

What effect does Ice Rocks have?

As for the other CBD products of our various categories, the ice rocks with CBD generally get a relaxing effect for good moments of relaxation. Even if there are not yet enough medical studies on the subject. Nevertheless, many people claim to feel positive effects on their sleep, chronic pain and anxiety. The effects of CBD are however variable from one person to another, depending on the quality, the quantity, and its use.

What is the price of ice rocks?

If you are looking to make a CBD purchase, then an ice rock may be the way to go for great value! Indeed, its high content in CBD allows you to benefit from an excellent powerful product at moderate price. Prices start around CHF 8.- per gram (including VAT), and packages are most often sold with a total of 3 or 5 grams.

Where to buy Ice Rocks online?

In your favorite CBD Shop uWeed! Enjoy a French website dedicated to CBD, where you can simply make all your purchases of Ice Rocks, with a shipment in 24h in Switzerland (and a few days in France). In addition, you can enjoy 5% discount without code thanks to the uWeed Loyalty Club! Just sign up with your email address.

And if you have a question about your order or delivery, we are always happy to give you information about the products before adding them to your cart. Or you can check out our online reviews.