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Discover the CBD oils and cosmetics from Dolocan. CBD made in Switzerland and 100% vegan, they are likely to meet your expectations and needs. Join our uWeed Club to get 5% cashback on all your next orders!

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Who is Dolocan?

Dolocan is a brand of the CANWAY group of companies headquartered in Switzerland. This brand produces CBD oils as well as vegan cosmetic products, from natural cannabidiol, which have a THC content of 0.00%. For this purpose, they are produced and manufactured exclusively in Switzerland.

Other brands of the company Canway :

  • Fenocan : This brand is specialized in the research and development of new, low THC, cannabis strains and the production of feminized cannabis seeds.
  • Green Passion : Produces and markets lifestyle products such as CBD oil or CBD flowers, as well as high quality cosmetic products and edibles.
    What kind of hemp products are available at Dolocan?

What kind of hemp products are available at Dolocan?

The brand offers CBD oils as well as CBD skincare and CBD crystals. You can find all of these products on our online store.


The CBD Hand Cream is enriched with sunflower seed oil. The high concentrations of vitamin C as well as valuable oleic and linoleic acid oils improve overall skin hydration and also provide antioxidant protection.

CBD Face Cream: by protecting against UV, IR and HEV radiation and their harmful effects on the skin, Soliberine acts as a global photoprotectant, thus perfectly complementing the existing anti-aging formulation.

CBD Face Serum is specially formulated for sensitive and easily irritated skin. In addition to the soothing properties of Cannabidiol, Aloe Vera also provides optimal hydration and thus soothes irritated skin.

CBD Oils

The MCT DOLO line: the high quality full spectrum premium oil with 10% to 30% CBD has a THC content of less than 0.2%. Dolocan uses coconut oil as a carrier oil, which gives the oil a more neutral smell than hemp.

The original DOLO line : This high quality full spectrum premium oil contains a CBD content of 10-30%. The THC level is below the legal limit of 1%. Hemp seed oil is used as the carrier oil.

CBD Crystals

CBD Isolate from Dolocan : Thus, the isolate has a CBD content of over 99%. It doesn’t get any purer than this! Dolocan’s product impresses with its neutral and subtle taste as well as the purest cannabidiol content on the market!

What are the customer reviews of Dolocan?

Trust the customers and lovers of cosmetics and oils. Find out what they have to say about Dolocan on uWeed! Being one of the most popular Swiss brands, you can find many reviews on all our Dolocan cannabis products directly on the product pages.

The vast majority of products from this brand receive a rating near the top. For example, the “Dolocan CBD 30%” receives 4.7/5 stars, in terms of quality.

Choose your products carefully thanks to our customer reviews.

Where can I buy your products?

On your uWeed online store

Of course at uWeed, your favorite CBD shop! Discover our range of hemp products with CBD from Switzerland.

We take the quality of our products very seriously and offer you only the highest quality products.

Fast and free shipping to Switzerland from an order value of CHF 49.- (incl. VAT). Guaranteed delivery to Europe in 5 to 10 days.

Directly in the store

You can also buy your hemp products in one of the CBD Shop in Zurich if you prefer to get advice before your purchase.

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