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Here’s a CBD oil and cosmetic brand that we love: Alpinols! Offering CBD oils for humans and animals and high-end cosmetics, Alpinols is sure to be your new favorite wellness brand. And take advantage of a 5% discount on their products with Club uWeed!

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Who is Alpinols?

Alpinols was founded in 2006 by an experienced and dynamic team with the deep conviction that nature has a healing power. Consisting of five people from the key areas of agriculture, marketing, IT and logistics, the team is united by their love for nature. With their Swiss CBD-based and certified organic products, they hope to make the therapeutic effect of the cannabis plant available to everyone. Alpinols’ goal is to provide their customers with an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, thanks to the therapeutic power of the hemp flower, so that they do not have to subject their bodies to potentially toxic ingredients.

What CBD products does the brand offer?

Alpinols specializes in the production and marketing of premium CBD oils. They also design CBD cosmetics for body and wellness. Their expertise in hemp production has also allowed them to design CBD oils for dogs and cats, with special formulas for our animal friends!

CBD Oils

Alpinols’ CBD oils for humans have been temporarily removed from our store due to marketing authorization issues. They should be back very soon.

CBD oils for animals

For the production of their CBD oils for animals, Alpinols uses only hand-picked cannabis leaves from organic and sustainable agriculture. They also relies on many years of experience and cutting-edge know-how to offer 100% natural, full spectrum, THC-free oils. Thanks to an innovative and original CO2 extraction method, Alpinols products contain pure and natural CBD, without any psychotropic effects or side effects.

Discover their CBD oils for dogs, with 3% or 6% CBD and always with 0% THC. For cats, Alpinols has designed 3% CBD oils with salmon oil and fish flavor, and without terpenes that can be dangerous for animals.

Cosmetics and creams

the brand’s expertise in CBD is such that the brand is also widely known for the high quality of their CBD cosmetics!
Among their range of wellness products, discover without further ado The Essential CBD day and night creams for the face, for a more radiant skin!
But that’s not all, you’ll also find The Active and The Booster CBD body gels, not to mention The Dreamer CBD massage oil for the more relaxed among you!

What are consumers’ opinions on Alpinols?

Consumers have widely recognized the quality of Alpinols oils and cosmetics, as evidenced by the many positive reviews left by uWeed customers. Check out the ratings and reviews online to help you add the right product to your cart.

Where can I buy their products?

uWeed is an official Alpinols reseller in Switzerland, France and Europe! The easiest way is to buy their CBD products directly on our CBD Shop and enjoy a fast delivery.

Do you have a coupon code for Alpinols?

No, we offer more than just a coupon code: -5% on your next orders with Club uWeed. Not to mention a 10% discount on your entire first order when you sign up for our newsletter. And you’ll also get free shipping!