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Have you ever heard of Cannaliz? It is one of the leading brands of CBD oils in Switzerland. If you are concerned about your well-being, Cannaliz offers you high quality and legal cannabis oils, with a THC level always below 1%. And good news, you can enjoy Cannaliz CBD oils 5% cheaper on uWeed thanks to our loyalty club.

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Who is Cannaliz?

Founded in 2013 in Geneva, Phytocloud, the parent company of Cannaliz, is specialized in the production of CBD oils. It also produces CBD e-liquids. Cannaliz is truly oriented on quality and a 100% natural production, without chemicals or pesticides. It uses hemp flowers from permaculture production for the most natural flowers possible.

All the extracts used in their oils are full spectrum. That makes it possible to propose oils with a maximum of molecules and cannabinoids, proposing you then an effect of surrounding. Cannaliz oils contain essential oils, cannabinoids and terpenes, for a healthy and complete product loaded in Cannabidiol.

Thanks to a level of THC always lower than 1%, all the CBD oils of Cannaliz are 100% legal. And they can be consumed without medical prescription.

What CBD products does Cannaliz offer?

Cannaliz offers you CBD oils with a wide range of different concentrations of Cannabidiol, from 5% to 24%. They are therefore adapted to each need. These full spectrum CBD/cannabidiol blends as well as some CBDa/cannabidiolic acid (the raw, non-oxidized form of CBD) are also available. Note that the cannabis plants used by Cannaliz for their cannabidiol extract are 100% organically grown (no label).

The brand has also recently put a THC oil on the market. This last one is more loaded in THC than in CBD, but always with a legal value <1%.

The Cannaliz brand also markets some CBD flower varieties, but they are not (yet) distributed by uWeed.

Cannaliz CBD oils

In our online store you will find all Cannaliz CBD oils, i.e. a complete range of oils extracted from different cannabis plants, with more or less THC (or not at all). And you will also find a version mixing CBD and CBDa.

Cannaliz offers three main ranges of oils:

  • The original range (Original or Original Raw).  It is conceived for oils containing CBD conceived with the whole plant of hemp. It is in this range that you will also find the CBD oil Cannaliz 7+3 containing CBDa.
  • Charlotte’s Web range. It is designed for premium CBD oils containing only flowers of the Charlotte’s Web cannabis variety.
  • The Technic (or Ratio) range: offering oils with a well-defined CBD/THC ratio; and different potencies according to your needs.

If you are a beginner with cannabis oils, then we advise you to start with the Original 7% oil. Then you can increase the percentages every 4 to 6 weeks. You are more used to CBD (or THC) products and you want a powerful CBD oil? Then you can add to the basket the CBD oil Charlotte’s Web at 24% or the Original 20%. You will get powerful and effective effects.

What do consumers think about Cannaliz?

It is very easy to discover a new brand or products that you do not know yet. You just have to rely on customer and consumer reviews! Indeed, Cannaliz collects excellent ratings and reviews on their CBD oils on our online store uWeed. You hesitate between several oils or on a concentration in CBD, THC or CBDa? Then you can simply discover the customer reviews of these Cannaliz oils; and thus add the right product to your cart. You will also find in the online reviews for which needs the oils have been consumed by the uWeed community.

Where can I buy Cannaliz products?

uWeed is proud to be one of the official resellers in Switzerland, France and Europe of cannabis oils made by Cannaliz! To take advantage of a fast delivery in 24h in Switzerland, you can order directly your Cannaliz products on our online store.

Even if the brand is originating from Geneva, it does not propose a CBD Shop in Geneva. You can therefore have the whole range of Cannaliz hemp oils delivered to your home on our CBD Shop.

Do you have a coupon code for Cannaliz?

We offer much better than a simple promo code that does not always work. You’ll get 5% off all your future orders with the uWeed loyalty club. In fact, we always thank our dear customers and consumers with cashback on their next online purchases at uWeed. You can also earn more points (and discounts) by leaving a review online about your Cannaliz order.

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