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On uWeed, you will find CBD products from more than 50 Swiss brands, as well as manufacturers. One of our producers is Cannaliz, which manufactures its high-quality extracts, hemp oils and other products in Geneva. In our online shop, you will find different CBD oils from Cannaliz. Furthermore, Cannaliz does not only offer Hemp Oils with various CBD contents, but also CBD Oils with low or no THC. Correspondingly maintaining the full efficacy spectrum of hemp extracts. Of course, the legal THC threshold of 1% is not exceeded by any of their products. This means, that you can purchase Cannaliz’s CBD Oils from us completely in accordance with the law. Their hemp Oils are diversified and you will find a selection with CBD concentrations anywhere between 5% and 24%.

Wide range of Cannaliz products at uWeed

Cannaliz specializes in the production of high-quality CBD products in Geneva. You will the typical full-spectrum, as well as broad-spectrum CBD oil. Furthermore, you will also find products containing raw CBD, called CBDa (non-heated cannabidiol acids). Take a look at our online shop and convince yourself of the diversity of Cannaliz’s CBD products. Special hemp varieties with very low THC content are used in the production process. Most importantly, strict controls in specialized laboratories ensure that the legally specified THC limits are never exceeded.
The application of CBD oil is very versatile in general. Active ingredients from the oil can enter the human organism via the oral mucosa, the respiratory tract or the skin. Which method is best for you? You will probably have to find that out for yourself. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time. Additionally, if you suffer from any disease or medical condition, or are looking to use CBD / Cannabidiol oil to cure any disease, we would highly recommend talking to your doctor as our products are sold only without any medical diagnosis.

Cannaliz – Organic Hemp Cultivation in Geneva

Hemp plants are grown 100% organically by Cannaliz. Equally important, their CBD oils are produced with organic olive oil. This ensures the CBD can be optimally absorbed. Special hemp varieties are used for production, such as Cannabis Sativa. Cannabis Sativa has a high CBD content and very low THC levels. Only the best CBD products are sold in uWeed’s online shop. We are in close contact with our manufacturers and regularly double-check the quality of their products. You can purchase all our CBD products completely legally. When you have found your preferred CBD products from Cannaliz, you can buy them from uWeed. You can even enjoy free next-day delivery. Take a look at the variety of our product range and have a look at our convenient online shop.