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CBD Joints

Looking for the perfect CBD joint? Look no further! Forget the hassle of rolling, because our high-quality CBD joints are ready to go. Simply light up and dive into pure relaxation – completely tobacco and nicotine-free. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy evening on the couch or need your daily dose of CBD, our pre-rolled joints are your perfect companion.

We source our CBD flower exclusively from select Swiss farmers who are committed to sustainable and ecological cultivation practices. So you can be sure you’re getting only the best for your body. And the best part? Our online CBD shop not only offers you first-class CBD joints but also many other CBD products.

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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about our CBD joints (pre-rolled)

What are pre-rolled CBD joints?

Pre-rolled CBD joints are cannabis flower or hemp based joints. They are already pre-rolled and ready to be smoked. With a pre-rolled joint, you enjoy a simple wellness product for simple use; and you have an instant moment of pleasure. We save you the work of rolling a CBD joint and the amount to select. You can smoke directly the pre-rolled CBD joints. The best thing is to test it for yourself, to realize that it is as pleasant as it is relaxing.

What is the difference between CBD cigarettes and pre-rolled CBD joints?

The differences are very small between these different terms. Pre-rolled joints and pre-rolled cigarettes contain the same ingredients. The difference is in the shape of the CBD joints and the pre-rolled cigarettes. There are also small differences in the filter and rolling paper.

Pre-rolled CBD cigarettes look like traditional cigarettes and are offered in packs of 20 cigarettes. CBD pre-rolled joints can be purchased individually on our website. The shape of the cone corresponds to a joint and not to a cigarette. Pre rolled CBD joints and pre-rolled cigarettes contain only CBD flowers and 0% tobacco. A CBD joint contains only legal cannabis, with the right amount of CBD.

Can I roll my own CBD joints?

Besides using pre-rolled joints, you can of course roll your own CBD joints. They can be rolled with a rotary roller; for example, the Futurola, allowing an even distribution of the CBD herb in the joint. Here is a tutorial on exactly how these rollers work to roll your CBD flowers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_cHYoIC-qQ

With a little skill, you can also roll your CBD joint by hand. But it is not easy to get an even distribution of CBD flowers and its quantity. Here is a little tuto to get perfect pre rolled joints. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=THSiE4l_Nrk

No matter how the CBD joint is rolled, our customers always need a filter, rolling paper and CBD flowers (legal cannabis). The filter for CBD joints has some differences. Indeed, it is possible to make them yourself with filter paper or to buy an ideal product.  For example, the filter for joints (ready to use), such as an activated carbon filter from the brand Purize.

What kind of CBD cannabis is used in your pre-rolled joints?

All of our premium and licensed items in our online store are 100% organic. No pesticides are used to grow the hemp plants, flowers and therefore legal cannabis available in our CBD Shop. Only the best hemp plants and flowers are used in our products in the form of joints. When you buy our CBD pre-rolled joints, you get a top quality and safe product made in Switzerland. The THC content is permanently controlled. You can order our pre rolled joints with CBD from Switzerland. And all this, in all legality, with the good quantity of flowers.

There are different types of cannabis plant cultivation. That’s why you should always pay attention to the type of cultivation used. For hemp flowers, only the female plants are sown. Indeed, a male plant would pollinate the females and thus form seeds. The CBD and THC content depends on the variety and the weather conditions.

What varieties of CBD plants are grown?

Three varieties of hemp plants are cultivated in the world. The choice of grower depends on the application and requirements of the crop. Here are the three plant and flower genera:

  • Cannabis Sativa: This plant is not very suitable for legal hemp consumption. In fact, the THC content of this flower strain is very high. The cannabinoid content is not as high in this strain.
  • Cannabis Indica: Unlike Cannabis Sativa, this plant has a rather low THC content; but a very high CBD content. Because of its high cannabinoid content, this plant is often grown for medical purposes. And it facilitates its access to people.
  • Cannabis Ruderalis: variety more or less appreciated by the cultivators who do not want to have to deal with the culture.

These three types of cultivation of hemp plants allow to obtain modified plants. Thus, they can be used for legal applications. All plants produce a more or less intense taste. So always keep in mind the appropriate kind when choosing the CBD flowers and your CBD joint in our store.

Are your pre-rolled CBD joints tobacco free?

Yes, our pre-rolled CBD cigarettes and joints in our CBD shop are made of 100% CBD flowers. No additives are used and, of course, no tobacco. CBD pre-rolled joints are made from special hemp plants; they are high in CBD, but only have a few traces of THC. We only use top quality legal cannabis grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse. This way we can always guarantee you pre-rolled joints and top quality cannabis in our menu.

So you get an optimal effect and taste without the use of tobacco. But you also avoid the tobacco tax, which is currently 25%. We would normally add this to our CBD pre-rolled joints.

How many grams of CBD cannabis are in the uWeed store’s pre-rolled joints?

The pre-rolled joints offered on the uWeed online store contain between 0.5 and 1 gram of CBD herb.

What are the filters for your pre-rolled CBD joints?

Our cardboard filters are special for legal cannabis joints.

Unfortunately, none of the brands or manufacturers we list in our CBD shop currently offer a selection of pre-rolled CBD filters for your purchases.

What are the benefits of pre-rolled CBD joints?

CBD has seen a growing demand and popularity around the world in recent years. Many Swiss and French customers are reporting positive properties of its effects. Moreover, they have already integrated CBD in their daily life in different forms. Customers and users of the site and CBD report an increased well-being; and there is even regular mention of a reduction in pain or inflammation. In the many testimonies we receive, it is also written that CBD is the right solution to rebalance the mind and soul. CBD consumed in the form of a pre-rolled joint is also often used to relax. This is valid both indoors and outdoors, with a THC content always below 1%.

How long does it take to get the effects of pre-rolled CBD joints?

If you want to consume pre-rolled joints, the CBD enters the body directly through the lungs. This allows you to feel its positive effects very quickly. Want to know more? Check out uWeed.ch for more in-depth content on CBD. Are you looking for dosage options or variations of CBD intake? We’re here to answer your questions and help you add the right product to your cart. You can also subscribe to our newsletter by email for tips and discounts.

The speed with which CBD is felt in your body depends on its bioavailability. The faster the effect, the higher the bioavailability. Since CBD is absorbed directly into the lungs, the effects are usually very quick. Those who opt for CBD skincare will find that the effects of hemp are felt more slowly. This is because taking it through the skin has a very low bioavailability. There is one small drawback to smoking pre-rolled CBD flower joints; smoking is not allowed inside public buildings.

Are pre-rolled CBD joints legal?

In Switzerland, hemp and CBD flower products are legal. It is enough that their THC content is less than 1%.  However, in France, all hemp-based products cannot exceed 0.3%. The cultivation of CBD plants with low THC content (<1%) is also allowed in Switzerland. However, people should refrain from driving after consuming these products. In fact, even small amounts of THC can be detected. And it is also forbidden to drive after consuming legal hemp products.

But be careful if you’re traveling! Check the maximum allowable levels and see if hemp products can be imported by people. Indeed, it is possible that possession is not allowed; or that the THC level is only allowed at a lower level. Because of the different legislations, we recommend you to inform yourself about the legal provisions currently in force in your country of residence before ordering your product in our CBD shop.

How much does a pre-rolled joint cost?

The prices of pre-rolled gaskets vary depending on the brand and availability. You can check the current prices of our range of pre-rolled joints at any time on our website. However, the prices of cannabis joints depend on two main factors. First, how and where is hemp grown? Is it grown indoors, outdoors or in a greenhouse? Most of the CBD products we use are grown indoors.

On the other hand, the amount of flowers contained in the pre-rolled joints also plays a role. The more flowers used, the higher the price. Pre-rolled CBD joints are always offered according to the quantity of cbd flowers per pre-rolled joint.

For each product in stock in our shop, you will find all the information to make the right selection of the product. In particular, the varieties, the quantity of flowers, opinions, notes, Swiss origins, etc. On average, the cost of a pre-rolled joint is about 4 to 8 CHF. You will find all the information and the varieties in French on our shop’s product pages. You can also take advantage of a discount from time to time on our cbd shop.

Which pre-rolled CBD joints meet my needs?

At uWeed, you will find several versions of CBD pre-rolled joints. They come from different manufacturers and with different strengths of CBD content. You can choose the product that best suits your needs and expectations from our inventory. The taste of the cannabis joints can also be chosen. For example, our CBD joint Purple Lemon from Qualicann with pleasant and fruity citrus nuances. Pre-rolled CBD joints are particularly convenient. Moreover, they preserve their aroma during weeks thanks to their special packing.

Where can I buy CBD joints?

If you are looking for CBD joints, you will find them in Switzerland in stores specialized in CBD. There you can buy pre-rolled CBD joints (and much more) directly on the spot. As an alternative to the local stores, you can also buy on our website, which is a reputable store in Europe. It is with pleasure and passion that we guarantee you good prices, the best of the pre-rolled joint. As well as solid quality and fast delivery from our site.

At uWeed, we specialize in the sale of CBD joints and other premium cannabis products. In our online CBD store you will find a wide range of CBD items. For example, cannabis oil, CBD cannabis, CBD edibles and pre-rolled CBD joints. And you can easily add them to your cart. Thanks to our regularly stocked inventory, we have the right product for every taste and need. And we have many flavour variants available. Our products are only available to those over 18 years old.

Why should I buy my pre-rolled CBD joints from uWeed?

We offer the largest selection of CBD for every need. With personalized advice, uWeed turns a simple CBD shop into a true online experience. You can count on impeccable and strictly controlled quality.

In addition, we are discreet and delivery is very fast, often free and competitively priced. Our users are always at the center of our concerns, which is why we read every review and every rating.

Here is an overview of our advantages:

  • We offer the largest selection of CBD brands on the market (50). For pre-rolled CBD joints, we currently offer more than 25 different products, from various brands, with different flavour variations.
  • We are independent and select the brands and products in our shop with great care. What matters to us is the traceability, quality and effectiveness of our product range.
  • We help you to make the right choice during your purchase, with the right advice, the right information, the right varieties; as well as a responsive and competent customer service, for the choice of the best pre-rolled cbd joint.
  • From 49 CHF onwards, we deliver free of charge the next day throughout Switzerland.
  • We aim to provide the best online shopping experience. A clear and attractive design and interface, a fast site and new secure payment options (e.g. Twint). Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay by bank transfer.

How can I pay for my pre-rolled CBD joints from you?

People who wish to purchase CBD from our site can simply add the desired product varieties to the cart. They have the choice to use or not the coupons and can choose the delivery method. Then, it is possible to create a customer account by indicating the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address

Then you can add to the cart the desired quantity of CBD products or additional pre-rolled joint. When you choose your joint, make sure you have selected the right flavour. All our prices include the Swiss VAT. If you have a discount code, you can enter it in the shopping cart after delivery. You can also save your cart by accepting cookies. Those who use cookies can come back later. They will see everything that has been added to the cart on the next visit. Then you can finalize your order and check your data again before proceeding to payment. Once the order is completed, you will always receive a confirmation email in your name validating your purchases.

For the payment, we provide different possibilities. Here is a list of the possible payment methods:

  • Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard)
  • Postfinance
  • Cell phone payment (Twint)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

Purchase on account is not possible. The payment options can be viewed at any time and updated on our homepage. PayPal is a very popular payment method. However, PayPal has decided to prohibit this payment method for hemp and cannabis products. That’s why it is not possible for us to offer this payment method on our site. An alternative solution is to use Google Play.

Do you deliver your pre-rolled CBD joints to my country?

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, we usually deliver within 24 hours if we have the pre-rolled joint in stock. Before placing an order on our CBD shop, here is what you should do: find out about the law currently in force in the destination country or in your country of residence. By the way, here are all our delivery options.