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CBD Hash

Love the intense aroma and relaxing effects of hashish, but want to skip the intoxicating THC? 💖 You’re in the right place! Our online CBD shop invites you on a fascinating journey through the world of CBD hash. 🌍 From traditional Ketama to hand-rubbed Charas to aromatic Nepalese or Lebanese – you’re guaranteed to find your new favorite product. 🍯💚

Our exquisite selection of CBD hash strains 💎 will delight you with their rich terpene profiles and unique textures. Each product is high in CBD and contains less than 1% THC, so you can relax without worry and enjoy the diverse aromas. Whether you’re looking for deep relaxation or appreciate the concentrated power of cannabis extract, you’ll find what you’re looking for. ✨

Discover the centuries-old tradition of hashish enjoyment, reinterpreted with legal, non-psychoactive CBD. Let the quality and variety of our CBD products convince you and experience CBD hash in its purest form! 🌿

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FAQ : Your questions about CBD hash

What is cannabis resin (or CBD hash) and how is it made?

Hash (or resin) differs from CBD flowers and CBD pollen which can be consumed “raw” without processing. It has the shape of a very dense paste, a small block, a pellet or a plate, more or less rigid. Moreover, this article (hashish), is very appreciated by the users and benefits from a true success thanks to a true know-how.

Indeed, for the production of hash or CBD resin, it is necessary to separate the trichomes of the plant. This makes it possible to recover the “kief” using a sieve, to then give the product that we know. Note that the trichomes are the tiny little veins filled with resin and covering the cannabis flower. It is thus these trichomes which will be then recovered to constitute the base of the resin of cannabis. According to the products, it is also possible to add a little CBD oil in the total contents. That will make it possible to obtain and play on the consistency. And this does not alter the quality of the legal cannabis product. However, there is not much difference with the design of traditional hash, besides the THC content.

What types of CBD and hash resins are there?

Like many cannabidiol products, there are several types of resins available on the market. These resins are also available in our catalog on our site; they have different characteristics, tastes and quantities of CBD. Indeed, to find your ideal CBD product to add to the cart, here are the different varieties:

  • Moroccan variety: the resin CBD known as Moroccan is the most widespread form. It is as much on our website as on the cannabis market. It is also the most consumed product in the world when it comes to hash.
  • Afghan variety: Afghan CBD hashish is generally more malleable and darker than the others. Sometimes, even to the point of representing small filaments. The majority of the amateurs of cannabis know well the Afghan. It represents a product of choice and a sweetness as well in the taste as in its smell. Note that the hemp is heated and pressed to obtain this famous cbd resin. The Afghan one proposes besides a more condensed smoke.
  • Lebanese variety: perhaps the least widespread form, but easily recognizable by its more red color. Indeed, the producers make completely wither the plant of cannabis before separating the trichomes and the pollen.
  • The hash pollen CBD: it is also available on the market and on our site with the delivery. This Swiss cbd pollen (especially the Swiss Premium Pollen brand) is a lighter version of hash. And it crumbles more easily. From the opinions of our Swiss and French customers, this version of cbd resin is recommended for beginners in CBD.

How to use and smoke CBD hash?

You can consume your CBD resin in several ways:

  • By combustion: by rolling your Swiss CBD hash in a joint or a CBD cigarette. Be careful though, even if the levels of CBD and THC make it a legal cannabis product, it is still dangerous for your health to consume it in this way.
  • By vaporization: thanks to a vaporizer, the CBD resin can be heated up to 220° to produce a vapor charged in cannabidiol, for an almost immediate effect.
  • By ingestion: even if Switzerland prohibits the ingestion of CBD products, CBD resin is consumed in many recipes in many European countries like France. The effects will appear with digestion.

What are the effects of CBD resin?

As with the other products with CBD, the quasi absence of quantity of THC does not allow to get high. It allows rather a good moment of relaxation and relaxing. Indeed, the quality hemp and devoid of THC is mainly used for its relaxing and anti-inflammatory characteristics. This is what users report.

Is Hash CBD legal in Switzerland?

Not for the moment. But an amendment is expected in the summer of 2022 to the existing legislation. This will then make hash legal as long as it has <1% THC. More info here

In general, CBD is legal in Switzerland and Swiss cannabis legislation is in the process of change.

Buy Swiss CBD hash and resin

What types of Swiss CBD hash are available in our store?

You will be able to add to your cart all the types of CBD hashish available in our CBD shop. For example, the Black hash, the Afghan, the Moroccan, but also several types of cbd pollen, with different levels of cbd. But if you prefer CBD flowers, you will also find many CBD products from our navigation.

What brand(s) of CBD resins does uWeed offer?

We offer a total of over 50 brands of CBD products, at fair prices and with fast delivery. All of our brands are drastically controlled to ensure you have a legal THC level.

In the cannabis resin category, we currently only offer the Swiss Premium Pollen brand. But other brands will be added in the future.

What is the price of hash cbd?

Depending on the CBD resin product you choose, there are several prices to choose from. But the first prices for quality hash start at around CHF 5 per gram. Our prices are inclusive of VAT, so don’t hesitate to leave us your email or your contact in the uWeed Club. You will be able to receive a discount from time to time.

Why buy his hash cbd on uWeed?

We are specialists in Swiss CBD and our customers have given us an average rating close to 5/5. Also, we guarantee you an impeccable quality, whatever the CBD products or cannabis flowers; as well as an express delivery of your hemp products. By the way, if you have any questions about CBD hashish, our CBD resins or any other hemp product, we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.