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CBD Crystals

CBD crystals are the essence of cannabidiol extraction – pure, concentrated wellness in crystalline form! 🌿 This fine, crystalline powder comprises 99% pure CBD and is free of other cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant components. This allows you to experience the full power of CBD in its most effective form. 🙌 The possibilities for use are almost endless: mix the crystals into your favorite CBD oil, add them to your drinks or food, or use them to make CBD cosmetics. 🧪 Thanks to the high concentration, you can precisely control your CBD dosage and adjust it to your needs.

Curious? Then visit uWeed and immerse yourself in the world of CBD crystals. 🇨🇭 Here, you will find many high-quality CBD crystals for sale online and many other CBD products that can enhance your well-being. ✨

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What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are in fact an isolate of Cannabidiol. These CBD crystals look like powdered sugar or white sugar, in the form of a fine white powder. They can be used in many different occasions. Consumers appreciate the versatility of this product. They can be used as an e-liquid in an electronic cigarette as well as in a recipe or a CBD oil.

CBD crystals are also available on our website for any customer wishing to make their own cannabidiol-based DIY cosmetics. In total, no less than 10 different uses are possible for your CBD isolates.

Discover the advantages, virtues, properties and effects of these CBD products before adding them to your cart and placing an order. Indeed, easily find out all the necessary information about CBD crystals before making your purchases on uWeed. This item is actually one of the so-called “cannabis concentrates” products.

How is CBD isolate made?

The CBD isolate is obtained through a CO2 extraction from hemp flowers. No chemicals are used in the extraction process of Cannabidiol, to give the purest CBD product. As with cannabis oils, the CBD crystals are extracted from the hemp flower’s content.

But once the extraction is done, there are still two important steps to obtain products with high CBD concentrations. Indeed, the second step, purification, allows to obtain a filtered extract, where most of the substances like chlorophyll are removed.

Finally, the last step is a winterization process, through which the CBD is isolated from other cannabinoid molecules. This allows to obtain the cannabidiol in its purest form: the isolate of CBD.

The quality of these famous CBD crystals in its white sugar form varies greatly depending on the supplier. It should be noted that the producers have a real know-how and take all the necessary precautions that they follow to the letter.

How to use CBD crystals?

CBD crystals can be consumed in many different ways! It is in fact the most versatile CBD product in all countries. Here are our tips.

Warning: no CBD product to be ingested can be put on the market in Switzerland. The CBD isolates contained in the uWeed CBD Shop are not intended to be ingested.

In a sublingual way, that is to say under the tongue

This is the easiest and fastest way to consume CBD crystals. In this form, the mucous membranes under the tongue allow your body to assimilate the CBD isolate very quickly. In other words, it allows you to feel the effects of CBD more quickly.

Mixed with an oil

You can simply dissolve some CBD crystals in a vegetable oil, without bringing it to the boil. Thus, you can make your own CBD oils at low cost! It is enough to dilute 2g of isolate in 20ml to obtain an oil CBD 20%.

In your culinary recipes

You don’t need to be a great chef to cook with cannabidiol. You can simply dilute your CBD isolates in the butter of your pastries, or even your smoothies in summer! For example, our French customers love to cook CBD crystals in quantity in desserts.

In e liquids for your e cigarette

Without THC, you can easily consume this cannabidiol molecule wherever you are! CBD crystals products can simply be added to your usual e liquid, lightly heated and mixed.

With a vaporizer

There are vaporizers specially dedicated to CBD crystals. Simply vapourize and spit out the CBD vapour.

With a dab, or bong

This method consists in using a bong dedicated to the vaporization, also called oil bong or vapor bong.

In your cosmetics

If you like to create your own homemade cosmetics, then crystals are an ideal product, both for its use and its effects. You can also mix your CBD isolate into a cream or ointment.

How to properly dose CBD crystals?

The CBD isolates are pure and very concentrated in Cannabidiol, they require a good dosage. So before you add it to your cart, check out the CBD dosing information and tips.

Even if the overdose does not really exist with CBD, it is important to accustom the body little by little to cannabidiol and its effects. If you don’t feel enough effects, you can increase the doses or the quantity, or add more condensed products to your basket.

But do not forget that the CBD crystals are products of a great purity and already very condensed in cannabidiol. It is thus a question of using them with precaution.

What are the effects of CBD crystals?

Without THC, CBD crystals have no psychotropic effect on your body. Instead, they provide you with a relaxing, feel-good effect. The effects of CBD vary from customer to customer, and studies are still in their early stages. That said, many testimonials from customers and the medical profession indicate that CBD may help with insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety and neurological diseases.

Also, find out all the side effects of CBD to get a complete understanding of the subject.

Are CBD crystals legal in Switzerland?

Yes, CBD crystals are a 100% legal product in Switzerland. Being part of the legal cannabinoids, you can add it to your cart and get it legally delivered from our website. Discover all the information on legal cannabis in Switzerland and the European legislation.

Where to buy CBD crystals in Switzerland?

The easiest way to order CBD crystals of the best quality is to order them online from uWeed. A clear site, low prices, delivery in Switzerland, Luxembourg or France: discover without waiting the best of the CBD market on uWeed.

In addition, you can take advantage of our offers and discounts on our CBD Shop. For example, by subscribing to our newsletter, you will receive a promotional code for your first order. Thanks to our loyalty program, you also get a permanent 5% discount on all your next cannabis purchases through the points collected.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service to choose the right product to add to your cart.