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Are you consuming your CBD in combustion? There are many ways to make cannabis consumption even more enjoyable. In fact, many people use a joint filter, which improves the taste of the joint. At the same time, it reduces the toxins or harmful substances contained in cigarette and tobacco smoke. Some people say that the really perfect joints must absolutely have an activated carbon filter. These accessories allow you to better enjoy your legal cannabis.

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What are the different types of filter joints?

Rolling tobacco, rolling leaf, cigarette pack or rolling tobacco, CBD flower or CBD hash. You have everything you need, except the filter! Fortunately, it is now possible to buy very effective joint filters (glass filters, activated carbon filters, etc.), greatly enhancing the experience and effects of a CBD joint.

Cardboard filters

Simply roll up a small roll of cardboard. This increases the airflow through the filter while preventing the paper from disintegrating upon contact with saliva. At the same time, the cardboard cools the smoke.

The main advantage of a handmade filter is that it is free and easy to make. That’s why it is so successful! Indeed, any piece of cardboard lying around is enough, like a subway ticket. Their main drawback? They do nothing to protect the smoker’s lungs. They do not improve the taste of the joint either.

Tobacco wedge filter or “marroco”

A product widely used for hashish, the tobacco wedge is simply a piece of cigarette (about 5mm) cut out and placed at the end of the joint. It softens considerably the smoke and scratches less the throat. However, it must be handled with great care because it can disintegrate quickly. Also, it does not filter much of the harmful substances contained in tobacco.

Foam filters

Similar to roll-your-own filters, foam joint filters remove much of the tar and carcinogens in tobacco. However, they clog up quickly and also absorb slightly more CBD than activated charcoal or glass filters.

Plastic Filters

Plastic filters fit on the end of a rolled joint. They’re a good option if you tend to share your CBD joints with your friends. This way, everyone can have their own and avoid passing on bacteria or viruses. Plus, they remove some of the toxins and solvents that can damage your lungs.

Glass filters

With glass filters, you will enjoy a cooler smoke than with a plastic filter, but the taste will be even more intact. Be careful though, even if they are usable for life, they are still fragile. They absorb little CBD, and therefore provide a maximum effect.

Activated carbon filters

Ideal alternative and now widespread, these filters are composed of a material made of carbon atoms with a porous structure. Activated carbon produces a carbonization at high temperature, generating an ideal absorbing property for CBD consumption. Indeed, it filters many harmful, toxic and polluting substances, but not CBD (nor THC). These filters are very widespread, in particular thanks to the brands Actitube and Purize.

Cigarette holders

The latter are intended for cigarettes, no study shows if they let pass correctly the THC. They are therefore not recommended for your joints.

What are the advantages of using activated carbon filters for your seals?

Of all gasket filters, it is best to choose an activated carbon filter. Especially if you’re looking for true long-term protection.

Activated charcoal joint filters help remove toxins and solvents, which are present in both tobacco and rolling papers. They also reduce any pesticides and sprays left over from the growing process. In addition, they also provide a pleasant taste and smell. Not to mention that they are very easy to order online. Just add them to your cart and enjoy the delivery of your products in less than 24 hours. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service or to consult the opinions of other consumers.

Sealed filter or activated carbon filter: which one to choose?

You can choose your activated carbon filters by size, by brand, or by simply selecting the normal filters.

Brands of gasket filters

The most important brands of filters for joints are actiTube, Purize or OCB. It is advisable for the discerning smoker to choose a filter with a ceramic tip, which can be inserted into the joint in any direction and fits almost any rolling method. Usually made of activated carbon and coconut, you will find these filters available to order in small or large quantities in our online store. These filters are also more aesthetically pleasing to use than a cardboard roll.

Filter sizes for gaskets

Depending on the size of your gaskets, you can choose from several types of products. In fact, from extra slim to standard, there are three main sizes of filters. For very thin filters, check out Purize’s Xtra Slim filters, or for thin filters you can add Actitube’s slim filters to your cart. Depending on the variety of filters, you can have different lengths and diameters.

In total, uWeed offers you more than 10 kinds of joint filters at all prices to enhance your CBD smoking experience and find the one that best suits your needs. If you prefer, you can opt for pre-rolled CBD joints. Don’t hesitate to contact us!