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Using joint filter tips for a more pleasant CBD experience

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As CBD gains in popularity across the globe, there are many different ways to make the smoking experience more pleasant. Many people chose to use a joint filter tip or activated charcoal filter to improve the taste of the joint to reduce the amount of toxins entering the lungs. Some say that truly perfect joints absolutely have to have filter tips.

What are the different kinds of joint filter tips?

There are many different options when it comes to joint filter tips. Some people prefer to make their own. Before rolling a joint, they simply create a small roll of cardboard, which increases airflow through the filter while preventing the paper from disintegrating when it comes into contact with saliva. The main advantage of a handmade joint filter tip  is that it is free and easy to make from any piece of cardboard that is lying around. Their main inconvenience? They don’t actually do anything to protect the lungs of the smoker or really improve the taste of the joint in any way.

Fortunately, the increasing popularity of CBD and legal hemp products in Europe and of Cannabis in the United States means that it’s now possible to buy very sophisticated filter tips that vastly improve the smoking experience. 

High quality filter tips for discerning smokers

It’s now possible to buy a range of joint filter tips and cigarette filter tips, including disposable pre-rolled filter filter tips that come in large packets. While they’re a little less widespread, it’s also relatively easy to find ‘mouthpieces’ that fit over the end of a rolled joint. Mouthpieces can be a good option if you tend to share your CBD joints with your friends, as each person can have their own and avoid transmitting germs (or worse).  

But while both those options can strip out some of the toxins and solvents that can damage your lungs, you’d do better to opt for an activated charcoal filter if you’re looking for true long-term protection. 

What does that actually imply? Activated charcoal filters can help remove not only toxins and solvents, but also pesticides and sprays left over from the cultivation process. What’s more, it doesn’t just protect the smoker, it also provides a great taste and smell and is easy to obtain and use.

Rolling joints with activated charcoal filter tips

There are quite a few joint filter tips brands available on the market. Discerning smokers would be advised to opt for filter tips with ceramic end caps, which mean that they can be inserted into the joint in any direction and adapted to just about any type of rolling culture. Usually based on coconut-based activated carbon, these filters come in packets of several units. They are also available at a relatively low price. Furthermore, those filter tips look and feel so much better than a hastily put-together roll of cardboard you’ve just ripped off the corner of a magazine that was lying around. 

uWeed can help you find the best joint filter tips to improve your smoking experience. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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