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CBD Pollen

CBD pollen, also known as kief or stuff, is the golden jewel of the hemp world! ✨🌿 This fine flower dust is extracted from the trichomes of the cannabis plant and is a true concentrate of cannabinoids and terpenes. By carefully sifting the hemp flowers, a high-quality product is created characterized by its purity and potency. It’s ideal for enriching your usual CBD routine or creating unique concoctions.

Whether you want to enjoy CBD pollen pure, enhance your joints with it, or refine other CBD products, you’ll find a large selection of high-quality CBD pollen from Swiss cultivation in our online store. Visit our CBD shop to buy the best Swiss CBD and discover the many possibilities CBD pollen offers!

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FAQ : Your questions about CBD pollen

What is CBD pollen?

Like CBD hash, CBD pollen is a kind of trichome concentrate. Its CBD content is high thanks to the high concentration of terpenes. These terpenes are obtained during its extraction from the hemp plant. The CBD pollens are thus more concentrated in cannabidiol than the CBD flowers. On the other hand, unlike CBD resin, it is a product where the trichomes are not transformed; they are not pressed, and not mixed with CBD oil. The dry extracts of CBD thus have a texture more close to the plants. They are typically compact and have a lighter shade.

Note that the pollen is also called “Kief”, which is the fine dust of hemp collected through a sieve; or by beating the plants in most cases, following the traditional method.

How to obtain CBD pollen?

On paper, it is quite simple to obtain CBD pollen from hemp and cannabis flowers. All you need to do is properly thresh the plants or sift the flowers. That said, it’s a real skill to grow and our producers (like Swiss Premium Pollen) are true artists. They create cannabidiol products of exceptional quality, ready for every customer’s purchase on our website. And always without pesticides of course!

How to consume cannabis pollen ?

CBD products are mainly used in the form of infusions, for quick relaxing effects, or to find sleep more easily in the evening. It is also possible to consume it orally, by decorating some of your favorite recipes. Note that Switzerland prohibits the food consumption of CBD, even if it is allowed in other European countries. Also, to increase the power of its effect, you can mix CBD pollen with legal cannabis flowers. You will also find them in order on our online store.

What are its effects?

The effects of dry CBD extracts vary according to the level of CBD and the range chosen. These effects also vary according to your selection of products. Indeed, the pollen CBD is known to be lighter and softer than the resin CBD. But it will also offer relaxing benefits and help you fight against stress and sometimes even some pain.

Of course, even if the THC level will always be less than 1%, everyone will react differently. This reaction will depend on the weight or the consumption habits of each one. To maximize the effects of CBD, it is thus a question of adding well to the basket the adequate article. Select the varieties and flavors, the right level of THC and CBD for your needs in our Weed Shop.

Is it legal in Switzerland?

Currently, it is in a gray area. It is currently not possible to buy it legally, but an amendment is expected this summer. This amendment will then make legal all kind of extracts with high concentration of pollen, as long as their THC level is <1%. All the info here.

Buy Swiss CBD pollen

What types of CBD pollen are available in our online store?

You can find a wide range of dry extract and CBD pollen types at uWeed. All you have to do is find the quality Swiss CBD to get the items with the desired effects.

What brand(s) does uWeed offer?

For the moment, we only offer the Swiss Premium Pollen brand, for quality products. These products are available on our shop for next day delivery.

What is the price of CBD pollen?

The CBD pollen is offered from CHF 5.00 per gram. Its price varies according to the flowers, the chosen hemp plant and the concentration in trichomes. We propose fair prices on our site in French. And to get a discount on our products, join the uWeed Club!

Why buy from uWeed?

Each CBD product undergoes drastic controls in order to offer you only an exceptional range. THC is always below 1% or 0.3%. So you can add your CBD product to the cart with confidence. The delivery is fast and you can benefit from the effects of CBD as soon as the next day!