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CBG flowers for sale: buy cannabigerol buds online

uWeed offers you the widest choice of CBG and CBD flowers on the Swiss market. Legal cannabis with a high CBG content and under 1% THC.

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CBG flower: a different kind of legal cannabis

At uWeed, we’re big fans of CBD flowers and its instant benefits when smoked as a joint or vaped. But did you know that CBD has a close cousin that offers all the benefits of CBD and beyond? CBG flower, a hemp strain which also comes from the Cannabis Sativa plant family, is just as relaxing as CBD and is currently attracting a lot of interest from scientists. Until we have more data as to its benefits, let’s take a closer look at this exciting new product.

CBD and CBG flower: what’s the difference?

As a fan of CBD products and their many beneficial properties, you may be wondering what makes CBG different. Firstly, cannabigerol (CBG) strains are found in Cannabis Sativa varieties that are naturally low in THC.

Furthermore, CBG has a higher affinity than CBD (or other varieties of hemp flower) for two cannabinoid receptors, CB1 and CB2. It is this aspect that makes it particularly interesting for researchers, as it could have medical applications. However, CBG has not at this point been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Finally, most cannabis sativa plants have relatively low levels of CBG, which can make extraction difficult. Experts recommend an early harvest of hemp plants in order to extract maximum CBG.

What are the benefits of CBG flower?

Alongside other cannabinoids, CBG flower has the same benefits as any other flower variety with a reduced THC content: there is no risk of intoxicating effects, i.e. of getting high. You can smoke CBG and work, drive or study immediately afterwards, without any risk of reduced concentration or reflexes.

CBG flower provides a pleasant feeling of relaxation. Many users report beneficial effects on several levels. Reviews are published online that attest to improved sleep and reduced stress levels.

How should you use CBG flower?

CBG flower has a pleasant scent and a fresh, intense taste. You can either smoke it or vape it, or even infuse it for some nice, relaxing « me time ». If you choose the second option, consider adding a fatty substance, such as a drop of milk or coconut oil, to your infusion.

There are also CBD and CBG 10% oils, which will allow you to benefit from both molecules. Like all cannabinoids, CBG is most effective when used in combination with other molecules, hence the popularity of full spectrum oils which enable users to benefit from the « entourage effect ».

CBG-based products require special processing. Unlike industrial hemp, CBG plants are grown indoors and experts recommend an early harvest in order to extract the maximum amount of CBG. This is one of the reasons why CBG is less widely available than CBD.

Looking for CBG flower to buy? uWeed, Europe’s largest CBD sales platform, offers a range of CBG flowers to suit your needs. Contact us to find out which products are best for you!

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