A third of CBD oils in Switzerland contain less CBD than claimed

Loic Aubonney
Dec 19, 2020

K-Tipp recently conducted tests with commonly sold CBD products. Switzerland is arguably the most forward-thinking of all European countries when it comes to CBD, hemp, and cannabis laws. As such, Swiss CBD Oils and other CBD products are 100% legal in Switzerland. Furthermore, they are also readily available and incredibly popular.

For many Swiss citizens, Swiss CBD Oils are becoming an effective, natural option to help them cope with various conditions. Mainly, to reduce the symptoms of chronic pain and inflammation as well as sleep disorders. Furthermore, to reduce stress, anxiety and even improving their sex lives. Increasingly, people are starting to replace many of their medications with Swiss CBD products.

The increase in popularity and people’s reliance on their Swiss CBD Oils and other products has implications. People view it as a safe, potent, and effective supplement. Therefore,  it is important, that CBD products contain what they say on the label. Because people use it to improve their health and wellbeing, that this is now more than ever of vital importance. Something that we, here at uWeed, take just as seriously as you should do.

Our Manifesto

Swiss CBD Oils by uWeed are best and Winners of the K-tipp TestAt uWeed’s CBD shop we have a firm Manifesto in place, promising that we ensure that we provide our customers with only the best quality Swiss CBD Oils and other products. This accounts for all our products, currently available on the market. At uWeed, we thoroughly vet all of our suppliers, making sure that we bring you honest, trustworthy, and potent Swiss CBD oils and other CBD products. Every time.

This is why the results from this recent K-Tipp report piqued our interest so much.

What The K-Tipp Report Found

The consumer information magazine K-Tipp which acts as a type of consumer watchdog, reports up-to-date information on everything money, law, and health to make sure that Swiss consumers are safe and informed on a variety of issues.

With the rise in popularity of CBD products, it was only natural for them to look into several of the most popular brands and see if their claims are legit and stack up to their promises.

Their recently published report on a test-panel of 20 of the most popular CBD products was both shocking and disappointing. What they found was that seven of the hemp oils tested contained considerably less CBD than stated on the packaging. And most disconcerting were the results for Drogovita, Hemplix, Phytopharma, and Smart CBD. Those are brands, most commonly sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. All contained only about half as much CBD as was stated on the label. This despite the fact that these manufacturers say that they tested CBD content in their own laboratory tests.

The K-Tipp report shows you can rely on uWeed

What this means for consumers is unfortunately not all that good. Buying CBD oil from a supermarket or even a pharmacy is not a sign of quality and while the price might seem attractive at first sight, when one considers the ineffective content of CBD in the products, it becomes rather expensive. And just because a CBD product or brand is popular, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is proper.

Similarly, considering the under-performing brands did in-house testing, it also seems that a third-party lab report is required to ensure quality..

How does uWeed and our Swiss CBD Oils measure up?

However, what this K-Tipp consumer report also said, and what we at uWeed are very happy to report is that of the Swiss CBD Oils tested, the ones that did make the cut are also the ones that we sell in our CBD shop. We are really delighted that our quality control processes pay off.

For instance, Blossom CBD + CBDa Ultra 16% Spectre Compact which the K-Tipp test panel purchased from our website, found that the amount of CBD in the product was the same as on the label. Similarly, the Swiss CBD Oils for Qualicann and Cannaliz, two of the brands and Swiss CBD Oils we stock as well, erred on the side of caution, actually testing at levels slightly (but safely) above the amount stated on the label.

In short, we are happy to say that this K-Tipp report corroborates and supports shows that we measure up to our promise of carrying only products of the highest quality.

uWeed Takes Your Health and Our Swiss CBD Oils and other CBD Products Seriously

The reason we take this issue so seriously is that we are aware of the fact that many of our customers use our products for medical or therapeutic purposes. This means that they need a CBD oil that is safe, as well as effective, and potent. It also means that they need to be able to trust that the claims of content and potency on the labels of their products are true. 

In other words, we understand how important your health is to you. We also understand that the quality of the Swiss CBD Oils and other products that support your health is too. This is why we are committed to helping you, our customer, navigate this potential minefield of CBD brands and products. And why we ensure that we provide you with a range of choices between only the best cannabis products currently available in Switzerland and Europe.

Final Thoughts on Swiss CBD Oils and other CBD products

The K-Tipp report shows the need for independent laboratory testing. We are committed to consistently checking for the laboratory results of the brands we stock. Similarly, we also test all the Swiss CBD Oils and other CBD products offered on uweed.ch ourselves while working hand-in-hand with our partner brands to increase the level of transparency of their products, ingredients, and production processes.