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Cannabis Flowers • Swiss Hemp Flowers

Discover more than 300 cannabis flowers grown in Switzerland. Whether your heart beats for indoor or outdoor cannabis flowers, or hemp flowers with Sativa or Indica dominance, we offer you one of the largest selections in our uWeed online store.

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Frequently asked questions about cannabis flowers

What is hemp flower?

Hemp flowers, also called cannabis flowers, are the female plants of the cannabis variety Sativa L or cannabis Indica. They include CBD flowers and can be organically grown. These varieties are used mainly for their high cannbinoid content. But as we speak about legal cannabis, these flowers have a rate of THC close to zero. The Swiss legislation asks for a content of THC of 1% maximum. On its side, the European legislation prohibits the marketing and consumption of products derived from cannabis with a THC rate higher than 0,3%.

But even without THC, these flowers also offer similar aromas and flavors to cannabis flowers that contain it. So you can easily opt to buy the flower varieties you like, such as White Widow, Lemon haze or Purple haze.

What are the differences between cannabis and hemp flowers?

In common parlance, the term cannabis flowers is often used to refer to recreational cannabis with a psychotropic effect. Hemp flowers refer to “light” cannabis or to an industrial use of the plant. But it is perfectly possible to talk about cannabis flowers for legal (and therefore THC-free) weed, just as it is perfectly possible to say hemp flowers. Indeed, a cannabis plant can contain or not THC according to its variety… and its legality!

It is therefore the same plant, and they come from the same species. However, if we want to be precise, the name hemp refers to a specific strain of the species Cannabis Sativa. To learn more, find out more about the differences between Hemp and Cannabis on our dedicated page.

Are cannabis flowers legal in Switzerland?

Yes, as long as the THC level is below 1%, cannabis is legal in Switzerland. The Swiss government is one of the most progressive in Europe on the issue of production and marketing of legal cannabis in Switzerland. This is why Switzerland has become the hub for quality legal cannabis and CBD products.

How to consume cannabis flowers

There are many ways to consume cannabis flowers, in order to enjoy a moment of well-being and relaxation. Once you have received your order of flowers, here are the four most common ways to consume your product.

By vaporization (inhalation)

Vaporizing cannabis flowers is the method that offers the best bioavailability. In other words, a higher proportion of the cannabidiol consumed will be absorbed by the body. It is also the one that will give you the most benefits, for a premium effect. It is enough to get you a quality vaporizer, to make heat your flowers of cannabis between 160° and 220° (without burning them) in order to release a maximum of its cannabinoids, then to inhale it. You will thus benefit from the aromas and flavours of the flower while avoiding the harmful substances. So think of having a quality vaporizer at hand.

By combustion, by smoking them

Smoking cannabis flowers is certainly the most widespread method, in the form of joint or pipe. If you have enough dexterity, you can simply roll your joints. To do this, you just have to grind your legal cannabis flower in rolling paper and add a filter for joints. Depending on your habits, you can also add a little tobacco.

Otherwise, you can also order a pre-rolled joint online, ready to use. Attention all the same, the combustion reduces appreciably the benefits of CBD. By mixing with tobacco, it can cause effects of addiction because of the nicotine.

In infusion

Consuming hemp flower as an infusion is a gentle and pleasant way to enjoy the aromas and benefits of the plant. Using a tea ball or an infuser, simply mix some cannabis flowers with a fatty substance. According to your preferences, it is also possible to add other ingredients like honey or vanilla. The cannabidiol is then slowly released into your drink and your body. We still recommend you to start your first infusions with small doses (less than 1g), then increase the doses.

By cooking them

What could be better than cooking with cannabis flowers to take full advantage of the aromas of the hemp flower? The digestion being slower, it will be the same for its effect in the body. You can therefore have fun varying the pleasures and varieties of flowers, to cook small tasty dishes for a daily well-being. From appetizers to desserts, smoothies and mixed salads, you will always find flavors to associate with hemp plants.



Legal cannabis buying guide

How to choose a cannabis flower?

In order to enjoy its relaxing benefits and flavors, it is important to choose the right product for your purchase. Some notions are necessary to know, like the type of culture, the type of strain, the varieties, the type of cannabinoid and the format of the cannabis flowers.

Type of cultivation

There are three types of cultivation for the cannabis plant: indoor, greenhouse, or outdoor.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation

Cannabis outdoor, as the name suggests, is grown entirely outdoors. It is thus the most natural and the most economic type of culture. Indeed, the environment offers all the needs for the plant: sun, water, aeration and nutrients. That being said, the buds will be less perfect and the productions will undergo the climatic hazards.

Cultivation of cannabis in a greenhouse

The flowers of cannabis greenhouse are cultivated under greenhouse, halfway between the indoor and outdoor culture. Indeed, the cannabis plant is exposed to the sun and benefits from a wider spectrum than a sodium lamp (artificial light). Moreover, the flowers are protected from bad weather and benefit from a microclimate created in the green house. The production time is shorter than in outdoor. Also, this method is more respectful of the environment compared to the indoor culture.

Cannabis cultivation indoors (Indoor)

The culture of the plants in indoor, generally in big hangars, allows to control 100% of the process of production: water, CO2, light, humidity, temperature. This is why these indoor cannabis flowers are often considered as high quality. Indeed, the products containing Cannabis indoor propose very concentrated rates of cannabinoids. Their success in stores and the very positive reviews of this range of cannabis flowers speak for themselves.

Type of strains

There are three types of strains Sativa, Indica or Hybrid. Each one having characteristics, notes and flavours, but especially different effects.

  • The Sativa strain, also called “textile hemp” is generally used during the day, to fight against chronic pains or anxiety. Its effects are generally rather energizing, even stimulating. Some consumers note an improved concentration and creativity after the consumption of the Sativa flower.
  • The Indica strain, also called “Indian hemp” is generally consumed at the end of the day, to benefit from its relaxing effects. It can induce sleep, while helping the muscles to relax.
  • Finally, the last type of hybrid strain is a crossing between the Sativa and the Indica, allowing to propose softer flowers, gathering the effects of the first two strains.

Swiss flower varieties

As you can imagine, there are many varieties of cannabis. The most common hemp flowers with a high content of Cannabidiol are:

  • Limoncello
  • Harlequin
  • Strawberry
  • V1
  • Cannatonic
  • White Widow
  • Lemon haze
  • Purple haze

In general the varieties determine the structure of the flower, their content in cannabinoids as well as the profile of terpenes. Before choosing your ideal product available for delivery on our store, you can find all the information about each variety by clicking on the products.

Main cannabinoid

There are many cannabinoids contained in the cannabis flower, each with its own effects. The most known is the cannabidiol, also called CBD. It is the one that provides a relaxing effect and a well being recognized by many consumers. It also acts positively on the immune system and would have many other benefits on the body. It has demonstrated an anti-inflammatory effect on chronic pain in the laboratory.

Secondly, Tetryhydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive molecule of cannabis, causing a high, the one that allows you to be “high”. Being considered as a drug, it is highly regulated in France, Switzerland and more generally in Europe. Indeed, products derived from cannabis must contain a THC level of less than 1% (or 0.3% according to the European legislation).

Finally, the last trendy molecule is CBG, for Cannabigerol. This cannabinoid offers virtues and effects close to CBD, while being non-psychotropic like THC. The flowers of CBG would be ideal for a use of relaxation and anti-inflammatory needs. Still unknown by the general public, many studies are beginning to prove its benefits, and many CBD products now contain CBG, like some of our flowers.


You can consume legal cannabis in flowers in several formats:

Flowers, or “weed”

Hemp flower in its most natural form! As for cannabis with THC, you can find your CBD weed with its heads, which you will be able to crumble in your joints, by vaporization or in infusion.


During the harvest of the flowers, many residues of hemp leaves are left after the cutting, but also after the drying. These residues, strong in CBD and terpenes are thus recovered to offer them to you with the purchase and thus to benefit from a product of quality! These broken leaves, buds and pistils are called Trim CBD.


If you don’t have the desire, the patience or the dexterity to roll your own joints, don’t worry. There is a simple solution to enjoy hemp flowers: the pre-rolled CBD joint.
Directly rolled with the flower of your choice, the rate of CBD which corresponds to your needs, and the variety premium. Just add it to your cart and wait for the express delivery!

Where to buy cannabis flowers?

On uWeed of course, your favorite CBD shop! Here are some of the reasons why our online store is so successful:

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  • A quality control during the selection of the products and independent laboratory tests.
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