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CBD Puff Recycling in Switzerland: An Environmental Concern 🌍

Oct 13, 2023

Switzerland, renowned for its majestic mountains and crystal-clear lakes, has long been committed to preserving its natural heritage. However, like many countries, the environmental impact of some everyday consumer products raises concerns. Among them, CBD puffs, these disposable e-cigarettes that have gained popularity in recent years.

The Environmental Impact of Traditional Cigarettes

Before diving into puffs, it’s crucial to recall the disastrous consequences of traditional cigarettes on the environment. Deforestation caused by the tobacco industry, marine pollution from discarded cigarette butts, and excessive water consumption in manufacturing these cigarettes are just some factors that have raised public awareness on this issue.

The numbers speak for themselves:

❌150,000 butts discarded every second worldwide

❌66% of the 5.2 trillion cigarettes produced each year end up in nature

❌40% of waste collected during clean-up operations are cigarette butts

In light of these alarming figures, e-cigarettes, or CBD vapes, appeared to many as a greener alternative.

E-cigarettes: A Better Option, but…

While e-cigarettes don’t produce butts, they’re not entirely blame-free environmentally. The main concern revolves around the waste they produce: used resistances, empty CBD e-liquid bottles, and, especially, disposable pods. These pods, known for their convenience, have quickly flooded the market, raising concerns about their recyclability.

In French-speaking Switzerland, for instance, a recent study by Unisanté and Promotion santé Valais revealed that one in eight young people aged 14 to 25 regularly consumed puffs. With such numbers, the amount of waste produced is significant.

Disposable CBD Puffs are Hard to Recycle

Given this, several initiatives have emerged in Switzerland to raise public awareness about recycling these products. Collection points for used puffs have been set up to promote their recycling. But this solution faces a new challenge…

When you buy a disposable puff (non-rechargeable battery containing lithium cells), it’s strongly recommended to return it to a recycling-friendly store (like Aldi, service stations, Coop, etc.).

However, according to a study by K-Tipp (covering 50 retail outlets in Switzerland), only 27 stores were ready to accept vape pens and meet recycling requirements. The rest refused, stating they’d go straight to the trash. This is particularly concerning given the harmful components of non-rechargeable batteries.

The Solution: Recycling and Rechargeable Puffs

The real innovation, which might just revolutionize the market, is the emergence of the rechargeable PUUD puffs. As showcased by the brand Marie Jeanne, these products allow only the cartridge to be replaced once empty, thus preserving the battery for multiple uses. It’s convenient, economical, and above all, eco-friendly.

This approach fits flawlessly in today’s context of environmental awareness becoming increasingly significant. While brands like Elfbar paved the way, it’s now the duty of every market player to move in this direction.

New on uWeed: Marie Jeanne’s Rechargeable Puff

For all our customers conscious of their ecological footprint, we’re proud to announce the arrival of the first 100% rechargeable puff from the Marie Jeanne brand on our platform. Convenient, economical, and environmentally friendly, this innovation stems from a forward-looking approach centered on preserving our beautiful planet.

So, if you’re looking to combine pleasure, well-being, and ecology, don’t hesitate to explore this new product in our Swiss CBD Shop.
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