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Nano Nuggs Amnesia • Small CBD Buds Outdoor

Nano Nuggs Amnesia • Small CBD Buds Outdoor

Nano Nuggs Amnesia • Small CBD Buds Outdoor •

CBD 14%
THC 0.5%
CBG 0.2%

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CHF 40.00 (CHF 0.96 per unit)

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“If there is a quality outdoor cannabis, it is Amnesia. Order your pouch from your Swiss Botanic CBD specialist today to enjoy it.

This outdoor grown CBD strain offers you to relax your body and mind without worrying about the price.

Switzerland’s highest rated CBD Amnesia
Grown outdoors, Nano Nuggs Amnesia gives the impression of consuming an indoor CBD. Which is indeed very particular for an outdoor variety. Mother Nature has endowed her with this ability, which is to reproduce the qualities of her parent varieties, the cannabis Sativa and Indica. Even better, our Amnesia mini buds are certified “Most Wanted Label”.

The CBD Amnesia flower is one of the most famous varieties. This Sativa-dominant species offers flowers oscillating between light green and orange. But why is it so popular? First of all for its unique perfume. This flower cbd indoor possesses aromas which you will not find in the other varieties. Its lemon scent and pine notes married with an earthy touch will brighten your senses.

Their outdoor growing situation gives them all the qualities inherited from wild conditions. Rain, wind, sun: so many meteors which influence the taste and the perfume of this particular CBD beautifully.

The benefits of the Amnesia weed of Swiss quality
The cannabidiol or CBD is one of the cannabinoids present in the plants of hemp. It is different from its brother THC which causes euphoric effects. In fact, in many European countries such as Switzerland, the law requires a lower content of 1% in CBD-based supplements. With Swiss Botanic, rest assured that you are consuming CBD flowers that are compliant with the Swiss legislation, which has been in effect since 2017.

CBD has become in a few years the supplement to recover well-being and facilitate relaxation. For those who seek the pleasure of the combo of strong aromas and fruity flavors, the Nano Nuggs Amnesia with CBD is the right product. In addition to helping you relax, CBD relieves aches and pains, soothes aches and pains, and relieves stress. Other benefits are attributed to CBD. To benefit from it, you must try it.

The profile of the Nano Nuggs Amnesia of Swiss Botanic
Nano Nuggs Amnesia bags are already available on our online site. We deliver everywhere in Switzerland, and we offer you the delivery of all your orders. Where the Nano Nuggs of Amnesia make all the difference, it is in their profile. Indeed, they are a mixture of 40 % of cannabis Indica and 60 % of cannabis Sativa.

These flowers offer an unprecedented experience. Moreover, they are frequently recommended in a therapeutic purpose in complement of a treatment against the symptoms detected by the doctor.

The outdoor culture, guarantee of quality of the nano nuggs Amnesia
The CBD outdoor is, as its name indicates it, cultivated in full field, outside. These plants are not fragile, what allows them to resist to the climatic hazards and the insects. They generally have more leaves and branches than indoor cannabis strains. If you like authentic and close to the earth flavours, Nano Nuggs Amnesia will make your happiness!

Swiss Botanic also grows and harvests several indoor and greenhouse CBD strains. We also offer you full spectrum CBD oils with different cannabidiol levels: 20 and 30% for humans and 10% for pets. You benefit from a large choice of 100% Swiss quality products on our online CBD shop. The attributes of Nano Nuggs Amnesia with CBD
Color: light green orange pistil
Texture: mini resinous and compact buds
Smell: citrus and pine
Taste: sweet, strong aromas / earthy Haze


“The components of Nano Nuggs Amnesia from Swiss Botanic
Dominance: Indica 40 % and Sativa 60
CBD: between 12 and 18%.
THC content less than 1%”

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Lab Tested
Lab Tested

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