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Slow Weed

Slow Weed White Russian Greenhouse

Slow Weed

Slow Weed White Russian Greenhouse

CBD 19%
THC 0.7%
CBG 0.5%
Grow Type,greenhouse

Grow Type   Greenhouse

Strain Type,hybrid

Strain Type   Hybrid

Canton of Origin,ticino
Canton   Ticino

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Our white russian finally in Greenhouse version!

Larger and more compact buds, but with the typical taste of our genetics 🙂

Available in normal version (large buds cleaned by hand), or in popcorn version, slightly smaller buds cleaned by machine.

Algae bag:
Just as Slow Weed grows hemp naturally, they have also researched and designed eco-friendly packaging in line with their green philosophy. Slow Weed is proud to distribute CBD flowers packaged in sustainable and 100% biodegradable seaweed.

Cultivation methods Slow Weed:
Slow Weed grows CBD cannabis in Switzerland in total respect and symbiosis with nature according to permaculture principles and the lunar calendar. The symbiosis of hemp plants, selected herbs, flowers and spices creates a balanced ecosystem that fights pests and diseases and attracts beneficial insects. This 100% natural way of working allows Slow Weed not to use synthetic chemicals, which are often harmful to health, and to maintain a fertile, healthy and living soil. After a careful drying process in which temperature and humidity are controlled, the flowers are cut by hand (trimming process) and left to rest in a controlled environment for several months (curing process). Thanks to the processing methods and the special microclimate of Ticino, our flowers have a terpene profile in which the aromas are released to their full potential and can also be perceived on the palate.


Swiss hemp flowers from a high CBD cannabis plant grown in a greenhouse.


Store the CBD flowers White Russian from Slow Weed in a cool, dry place, in a dark container (avoid light) and of a size similar to the volume of cannabis to be stored to avoid too much air in it.
Keep your hemp flowers out of reach of children.

Good to know about White Russian

Lab Tested
Lab Tested

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