Legal cannabis delivered in Zurich…from the sky

Apr 1, 2022

Gotcha good! Drone delivery was just an April’s fools joke, but we are still dreaming that one day the sky will be full of uWeed smiles. 🙂

Upticks in online retail in Switzerland (at least partially fueled by the pandemic) led to a record number of parcels being processed by the Swiss Post in 2021. Another industry that saw business increases in 2021 was CBD sales in Switzerland.

uWeed is combining these two booming industries and will be offering delivery on all products available in its CBD Shop starting April 4th, … via drone.

We hope to use the CBD delivery service as a bit of a test of its own, ahead of Zurich’s pilot programme on the legalization of recreational cannabis that will be happening this autumn.

All deliveries are said to take less than 30 minutes, as we will have 4 different hubs where they will launch their drones out of. Each drone can carry up to 5 pounds, and they’re programmed to be able to make multiple stops.

Cannabis Delivery in Zurich

Ultimately, uWeed hopes to be flying THC, CBD, and any and all other cannabis products from a dispensary or pharmacy to your door with the help of drone delivery technology.

uWeed CEO Loic Aubonney, released a statement today about the CBD Drone Delivery Initiative:  “This is an important step in the direction of our mission: delivering happiness. Consumers are looking for convenience and this allows us to ship faster than ever, at competitive prices” Aubonney said. “I can guarantee it’s going to be fun, too!”

The Mayor of Zurich, Corine Mauch, thinks the program has the potential to help people, too. 

“I don’t think I want anyone flying the drones after they’ve consumed cannabis,” she said, “but getting quick relief to those individuals who believe these oils and products are helping them seems pretty harmless to me.”

Swiss Cannabis and CBD consumption

uWeed and IG Hemp conducted a consumer survey on CBD consumption in Switzerland last year, and the data would suggest the same: 50% of users believed that CBD helped them relax and relieve stress, and another 46% said it helped them sleep.

uWeed’s own mission is “delivering happiness,” and this drone program ensures the fastest possible way of doing that both literally and figuratively. In addition to the CBD users surveyed in the report above, a University of Zurich study theorizes that 50% of Swiss citizens will have tried cannabis in some context by the year 2045.

Graph croissance uWeed

The University of Zurich is also conducting the feedback and reporting on the recreational legalization in Zurich happening this autumn. Beyond Zurich, other similar trial programs are expected to launch in Basel, Bern, Biel, and Geneva. uWeed is planning on using the test on CBD delivery in Zurich as a measure of how many drones to launch in those cities. 

“We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but no longer can we say “the sky is the limit,” Aubonney said, “as these drones are proving that to be false.”

Look to the skies in Zurich from April 4th, and you’ll almost certainly see some happiness being delivered all throughout the city.