High-quality CBD Cannabis from Switzerland

Loic Aubonney
Dec 20, 2020

uWeed has specialized in the sale of high-quality Cannabidiol Cannabis products from Switzerland. Furthermore, we offer a variety of different CBD products from well-known brands in our online CDB shop. CBD, also known as Cannabidiol, is one of many chemical compounds of the hemp plant. However, in contrast to the well-known THC, CBD does not cause any intoxication. Therefore it can be purchased completely legally. For the production of CBD Cannabis, special hemp species, such as Cannabis Sativa, are bred and crossed. This results in a high CBD, but a very low THC content. 

We ensure that only Cannabidiol products with a legal THC content enter our CBD shop. At uWeed, all our products undergo strict controls in certified laboratories. In our online shop, you can buy CBD Cannabis of the highest quality at the best price. Within our wide assortment, you will also find Cannabidiol Cannabis products with different Cannabidiol content. However, they all originate from well-known Swiss manufacturers. You will therefore always find the right product for your needs and preferences. If you have any questions, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you and provide advice.

The use of Cannabidiol Cannabis

As a matter of fact, CBD Cannabis is becoming more and more popular. In the first place, this is due, thanks to many positive experiences. Furthermore, it’s due to many testimonials from existing customers. For CBD Cannabis to be purchased legally, it should not exceed a certain THC content. This is 1% in Switzerland and 0.2%-0.3% in most EU countries. To maintain this value, special CBD Cannabis Weed is bred. This is selected because of its very low THC content. CBD Cannabis contains a high concentration of Cannabidiol and can be processed into a variety of different products. 

At uWeed, for example, you can purchase high-quality CBD oils, which can be used in various ways: vaped, applied to the skin, or used in food. In our large online shop, you will also find various skin and body care CBD products, hemp teas, and gummy bears with CBD. As you can see, CBD Cannabis can be processed in many ways. You can find the right CBD product for every individuals’ needs. Take a look at our CBD Shop and enjoy the wide variety of our high-quality products from Switzerland.

uWeed Offers CBD Products at the Best Price

CBD Cannabis for your healthBuy CBD Cannabis products from many different manufacturers in Switzerland on uWeed. At uWeed, you can legally purchase CBD Cannabis products from many different manufacturers in Switzerland. Furthermore, thanks to the large selection of different products, uWeed has the right product for every need. Almost all our products come from Switzerland. Moreover, they are also grown under environmentally friendly conditions. No pesticides or herbicides are used when growing the plants. It doesn’t matter, if you choose hemp oil, CBD Flowers, body care products, or various edibles. At uWeed, you will find everything your heart desires.

Many people have already reported positive effects after using CBD Cannabis. Research in this field is in full swing. Whether CBD Cannabis can also help you, that’s for you to find out. Our experienced staff will be happy to advise you. They will also work together with you to find the right products for your needs. When buying on uWeed, you will receive your parcel the very next day. You do not have to wait to enjoy high-quality CBD products. On top of that, from an order value of CHF 49, delivery is completely free of charge.


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