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Suffering from sleep Difficulties? Many users of CBD say that it heals Insomnia and aids better deeper sleep. With an increase in sleep disorders across Europe, it is safe to argue that people of all ages are getting less than the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep per night. In the long run, a lack of sleep can affect your quality of life. Insomnia (sleep difficulties) can lead to lowered performance, and a slowed reaction time. Furthermore, Insomnia can be the cause of a range of mental disorders.  Even depression or anxiety, which in turn worsens the situation further. 

Extended periods of sleep deprivation can also increase the risk of physiological conditions. As a matter of fact, high blood pressure and heart disease may be caused by insomnia. It is safe to say that your deep and long night sleep is much more than a luxury. It is a necessity for your health.

Insomnia is Widespread but CBD Helps with Sleep Disorders
Insomnia is Widespread but CBD Helps with Sleep Disorders

Common Symptoms of Insomnia or Sleep Difficulties include

  • Difficulty falling asleep at night or general sleep difficulties.
  • Waking up during the night or too early in the morning.
  • Not feeling well-rested after a night’s sleep.
  • Daytime tiredness or sleepiness.
  • Irritability, depression, or anxiety.
  • Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks, or remembering.
  • Increased errors or accidents.
  • Ongoing worries about sleep.

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How CBD Works against Insomnia and Provides Better Sleep

Scientists believe that cannabis, whether originated from hemp plants or medical marijuana, can improve the sleep pattern. This is, because Cannabidiol (and other cannabinoids) interacts with the network of receptors in the brain. It regulates neurotransmitters and other chemicals that are vital in reducing anxiety, stress, as well as chronic pain. Most importantly, it also regulates those, that help you get a good night’s sleep. This is most important, if you suffer from Insomnia. As a matter of fact, Cannabidiol can help treat many of the causes of sleep disorders. Please note that none of the research is currently supported by clinical trials, whether in the United States or any other country.

Scientists Hypothesize that the Effects of Hemp-Derived CBD against Insomnia are due to:

1. Its ability to reduce anxiety

Anandamide is one of the body’s major endocannabinoids. It is manufactured in areas of the brain associated with mood, motivation, as well as the higher thought processes. Anandamide also exhibits both anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Cannabidiol prevents the breakdown of anandamide, in turn helping to reduce feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression which can cause sleeplessness.

2. Its ability to promote REM sleep

REM sleep is the sleep-stage which is thought to benefit emotional health amongst other things. Researchers have long theorized that REM sleep contributes to core features of cognitive function. A lack of REM sleep on the other hand causes cognitive dysfunction, negative anxiety, as well as anxious depression. In a recent review study, researchers suggest that CBD has therapeutic potential for the treatment of Insomnia (sleep difficulties) by promoting REM sleep. Thereby, reducing many of the negative psychological effects of sleep deprivation.

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