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CBD oil: the queen of wellness in a growing cannabis market

While CBD is gaining in popularity across the world, more and more consumers are turning to this cannabinoid to help manage their general wellbeing. CBD comes in different shapes and forms, including CBD oil and CBD flowers, to name just a few. Cannabidiol is believed to soothe anxiety, to relieve chronic pain thanks to anti-inflammatory properties or to boost the immune system. Some scientific research even support that CBD could help combat the symptoms and side-effects of serious illnesses such as cancer and MS.

With this in mind, you might ask yourself some questions. What is the best way to consume CBD? What are the effects? Where can you buy Swiss CBD oils that meet the right quality standards? Look no further, uWeed got your back. We offer the best of Swiss CBD under one roof.

What’s the difference between CBD oil, cannabis oil and hemp oil?

With so many different products on the market, consumers looking to buy CBD oil can get confused. Not only are there differences between cannabis and CBD oil effects, but quality can also vary from one manufacturer to another. CBD shops selling hemp-derived products have sprung up all across Europe. Additionally, severy general grocery stores, kiosks and even pharmacies are now carrying so-called “legal cannabis”.

So when you’re looking to buy CBD drops or oil, what should you be aware of?

Hemp oils

It’s important, when looking to buy hemp oil, to know that it can make a delicious and healthy salad dressing. However, it won’t necessarily have the CBD or cannabis oil benefits you heard so much about. Why? Well, hemp oil typically does not contains CBD, as it is made by cold-pressing the seeds of the hemp plant to create culinary oil. In the meantime, the term is sometime misused but technically, these are hempseed oils.

CBD oils

CBD oils on the other hand are made by extracting the Cannabidiol compound from the flowers, stems and leaves of a specific hemp plant: the Cannabis Sativa L. This oil is then mixed with a carrier oil (MCT, olive and more) and subsequently bottled or inserted into CBD capsules. These oils are sometimes also produced from an isolate instead of an extract.

Cannabis oils

Cannabis oil refers to cannabis plant extracts. The balance between CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will depend on the plant the oil is extracted from. Oil that is extracted from plants with a high THC level, such as skunk plants, might have psychoactive effects. If the THC-content of the hemp plant is over 0,2%, it will make it illegal in most European countries (the limite is 1% in Switzerland). Before you buy cannabis oil, make sure it’s legal in your country.

Why you should buy CBD oil or CBD drops?

Luckily, governments across the world are waking up to the benefits of CBD. Researchers are paying more attention to the beneficial effects of cannabis and Cannabidiol. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medical marijuana treatments are rare, but they do exist. One example is Epidiolex, a treatment for epilepsy.

This increasingly progressive attitude makes it much easier to find and buy low-THC or THC-free CBD oils than before, making it one of the most popular hemp products on the markets. It has many active ingredients and is reputed to have numerous benefits, with few side effects. Taking just a few drops enables users to benefit from its effects all day long, unlike vaping or smoking CBD cannabis flowers, which has a more immediate impact.

Typically, CBD oil is contained in a small 10ml bottle and consumed using a dropper. But some users are wondering how to take CBD drops or how to use CBD oil in a more convenient way. Ingestible CBD capsules will make it easier to dose and consume legal cannabis oil. Additionally, rather than transporting the entire bottle, users can take just the right amount of oil with them. There are numerous other options for people interested in testing the benefits of CBD for themselves. These include CBD flower, tea, resin, moonrocks and even hemp-based skincare products.

How can you be sure you’re buying high quality Swiss CBD oil?

If you thought Switzerland was the country of chocolate and watches? Think twice. Switzerland has become one of the few capitals in the CBD business. A tolerant and progressive attitude towards legal cannabis, CBD extraction and cultivation has made it the go-to destination for people looking to buy CBD oil. Swiss CBD drops are among some of the country’s most prized exports. Cannabis shops are springing up across the nation.

To be sure you buy cannabis oil of the highest quality and of a THC level that’s legal in your country, make sure you turn to a reputable brand or reseller. uWeed, is one of the largest online CBD marketplace in Europe We carry a wide range of products that will cateer for every need. Additionally, our experienced customer service team are on hand to make sure you find the right fit for you. We also deliver our products for free within 24h in Switzelrand. What are you waiting? Get in touch with us now!