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Slow Weed

Organic CBD Drops 6% • CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Slow Weed

Organic CBD Drops 6% • CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Organic CBD Drops 6% • CBD Oil Full Spectrum • Slow Weed

CBD 6%
THC 0.1%
CBG 0.1%
Oil Type,full-spectrum

Oil Type Full-Spectrum

Carrier Oil,sunflower

Carrier Oil Sunflower

Extraction Method,ethanol
Extraction Method Ethanol

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 48.00 ( 0.10 per unit)

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Made in Switzerland, the CBD Premium 6% full spectrum oil is a high quality product that has all the cannabinoid molecules (CBD, THC, CBG, CBC) with a high CBD content. It is effective against anxiety, insomnia, neurological and muscular diseases. It is composed of a mixture of extracts of Cannabis Sativa coming from the leaves and the stems, as well as oil of seeds of Helianthus Annuus. This oil of 10ml contains a low quantity of THC (<1%) and offers a beneficial effect of surrounding for the body.

Slow Weed uses environmentally friendly growing methods to cultivate CBD cannabis in Switzerland. Permaculture is used by following the lunar calendar to ensure a balanced ecosystem between the hemp plants, herbs, flowers and selected spices, in order to fight against pests and diseases while attracting beneficial insects. This 100% natural approach eliminates the use of synthetic chemicals and preserves the health of the soil. The flowers are carefully dried in a controlled environment, then hand-cut and left to rest for several months. Thanks to this careful treatment process and a special microclimate, the flowers have an exceptional terpene profile that fully releases their aromas.

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