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Cannabis Oils

Swiss cannabis oil is in the spotlight on uWeed! Find a selection of the best cannabis oil brands online and choose from over 100 different products to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for CBD oil, THC oil or else, buying the highest quality cannabis oil at the best price has never been easier!

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What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oils are made from the flowers of the Swiss hemp plant, using CO2 or ethanol extraction. The cannabis oils available on our site are obtained from cannabis flowers grown without pesticides or herbicides. Some of them are organically grown in order to offer a high quality wellness product. Also sometimes called hemp oils or CBD oils, they always indicate a perfectly legal oil, thanks to an almost zero THC content (less than 1%, even 0.2% in Europe).

These oils with cannabis flowers are mainly produced with a specific variety of hemp, called Cannabis Sativa L. Indeed, its high content in CBD allows to propose products concentrated in Swiss CBD, for better effects and results. Finally, cannabis oils can be full spectrum. That is to say that they contain an extract in which all the cannabinoids of the plant are present, including the THC (<1%). They can also be with broad spectrum, without any notable trace of the molecule of THC.

Before choosing a product, it is important to read our advice and the online reviews on our website.

What are the differences between cannabis oil, hemp oil and CBD oil?

Hemp oil

The term hemp oil is used to refer to industrial hemp oil (without CBD or THC) used in cooking. Hemp oil is made from cold-pressed hemp seeds and is therefore rich in essential fatty acids. However, the term CBD hemp oil is sometimes also used to refer to CBD oil.

Cannabis oil

Cannabis oil is a generic term for all oils made from hemp plants, which may contain CBD and/or THC. But a legal cannabis oil does not contain THC (or less than 1%): these are the items we offer to our customers on our site. However, even legal, these oils remain reserved for adults.

CBD oil

CBD oil is made by extracting cannabinoids from hemp plants (flowers or stems) Sativa. These are also cannabis oils, and they too contain little or no THC. Our Swiss CBD oils all benefit from a unique manufacturing and know-how, for a top-of-the-range product.

What are the effects and benefits of cannabis oil?

The vast majority of people and customers say that cannabis oil brings them an important well being in their daily life. Indeed, it is a product known for its relaxing qualities and to fight against the stress. And this, without causing any side effects. Here are some situations where the consumption of cannabidiol could bring a support.

Sleep problems

Consuming a few drops of cannabis oil before going to bed is a good way to find sleep more easily. Indeed, the level of CBD allows people to feel more relaxed. And therefore to fall asleep more easily and fight against insomnia. You can discover all our advice on CBD and sleep.


In order to fight against certain chronic pains, the use and consumption of cannabis oils are often recommended. Indeed, a few drops of quality oil each day can produce soothing effects. Although laboratory studies are still in their infancy, these cannabinoid-based products are widely recognized as helping people reduce pain in chronic illnesses and even cancers. Here are all our explanations on CBD and pain.


The CBD content in cannabis oils helps people consuming these oils feel more relaxed. Indeed, the cannabinoids contained in the oil allow to answer effectively the need for relaxation. You can discover our special page “CBD stress and anxiety” to find all the tips for this use.


Cannabis oils or Swiss CBD are an excellent natural alternative to anti-inflammatories and painkillers for sportsmen. Indeed, their manufacture based on hemp allows to obtain a product offering a large number of positive and recuperative effects on the body after sport. Before, during and after the effort, the cannabidiol helps the recovery without any risk of addiction. Moreover, you will have no side effects after its application. Discover our page dedicated to CBD and sport.


To relieve a pain during a sexual intercourse (endometriosis), to increase the libido or the power of an orgasm, cannabis oils are widely used before and after sex. Indeed, the oils help to find relaxation and blood flow to the tissues. It is likely that they can be welcome in your sexual relations with your partner. You can read more on our CBD and sex page.

How to use cannabis oil?

Oral ingestion is the easiest and most common way to use cannabis oils. You can consume it directly by mouth or sublingually (under the tongue). This method allows a fast abosrbtion by your mucous membranes. Discover the recommended dosages a little further down.

How to dose cannabis oil?

It is important to note that there is no standard dosage yet due to the limited scientific research on the subject. The number of drops will depend mostly on your body type and your habits with legal cannabis.

If you are just starting out with cannabis oils, you can start with a base of 25mg twice a day. That’s about 5 drops from a bottle with a 10% CBD concentration. Then, you can gradually increase the CBD dosage of 25mg every 3 weeks if you don’t feel enough effects.

How to choose a cannabis oil?

To choose the best cannabis oil for you, it’s important to understand the different elements that make up these products.

Types of cannabinoids


Cannabidiol is the most important element to consider when choosing a cannabis oil. Indeed, it is the molecule at the origin of the benefits of these products containing legal cannabis. This molecule is not psychoactive, unlike THC. The CBD does not produce any effect of stoned. According to your need, you will be able to choose the concentration and the content of cannabidiol desired for your oil. The least concentrated oils generally start around 5%, up to almost 50% for the most powerful.


Hemp plants are made up of a large number of cannabinoids. The most known are obviously CBD and THC. But another molecule interests more and more scientists: cannabigerol, also called CBG. Indeed, the CBG would be more powerful than its companions, but also rarer and more complicated to extract.

Cannabigerol is sometimes considered as a “condensed” of the other molecules, or the “mother molecule” of cannabis. It is said that CBG has similar virtues to CBD, or even more important. A CBG oil is thus an ideal product to add to your basket for its effects against the pains, the stress and the anxiety, or to fight against the insomnia.


The molecule of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the psycho active substance, which causes high effects. This is why it is prohibited in Switzerland, France and Europe. Legal cannabis oils must therefore offer a THC content lower than 1%, and around 0.2% or 0.3% maximum elsewhere in Europe. If you want an oil without any THC residue, then you can simply opt for a broad spectrum oil. You can also contact our customer service if you have any questions before buying a cannabis oil.

Type of extract used for the oil

It is important to note that there are two main types of cannabis oils depending on the extract used to make it. Indeed, you will find full spectrum oils (or CBD full spectrum) including all the cannabinoids present in the plant. This includes a very small amount of THC (< 1%). There are also broad spectrum cannabis oils, without any THC molecules.

The raw extract from the hemp plant is then mixed with a carrier oil. This makes it less bitter and more easily consumed. Some producers choose to mix CBD isolates instead.

Carrier oil

In order to make it easier to consume, the raw CBD extract must be mixed with a vegetable oil. Indeed, the isolate or the extract will be able to be inserted in oils type MCT (or TCM in French), sunflower or even coconut oil, and to give a product ready to use and to consume.


We have talked about cannabinoids, spectrum, quality, but one last point is just as important to make your choice: the taste and its aromas! Just like the e liquids for electronic cigarettes, there are many flavors for cannabis oils. These give them a good taste for consumption. Many oils are also without added flavoring. So you can choose the products that suit you best.

How much should I pay for cannabis oil?

Cannabis oils come in all price ranges, depending on the quality and CBD content you choose. For example, you will be able to find on our online store bottles of oil with a CBD content of 5% from CHF 15.00 (about 14€).


Where to find cannabis oil?

CBD shop

Many specialized stores, called CBD shops, have opened in Switzerland in the last few years, to the delight of inhabitants and tourists of big cities. Here are some places where you can find a CBD store in Switzerland: CBD Fribourg, CBD Geneva, CBD Lausanne, CBD Nyon, CBD in Valais.


Recently, pharmacies and parapharmacies also offer CBD oils for sale. Indeed, they have long understood the medical help that cannabis oils can bring to some people with chronic pain or seeking a better sleep.


The easiest way is to buy cannabis oil directly online. Indeed, the choice and the quality will be more important for the purchase of an oil or Swiss CBD. Also, a site like uWeed will offer you promotions and low prices for Swiss CBD products with an excellent quality-price ratio.

Where to buy cannabis oil online?

On uWeed of course! You can enjoy express delivery in Switzerland within 24 hours, and low prices all year round. Indeed, we offer you a discount on your first order if you subscribe to our newsletter. Moreover you will accumulate a 5% credit on all your next orders with the uWeed loyalty club. We specialize in Swiss CBD, and we also offer delivery to many countries in Europe like France.

And if you are looking for CBD for animals, we also have a dedicated section for our animal friends!