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Hemp Food or Hemp Drink dietary products. Many people are familiar with CBD in oil, capsule, vape liquid or flower form. But did you know that CBD can be part of your day-to-day diet? Hemp, i.e the plant from which Cannabidiol (or CBD) is extracted, is actually a major dietary staple in many cultures.  

Hemp food is becoming increasingly a go-to dietary supplement. The seeds are a fantastic, protein-rich addition to any dish, while hemp oil tastes great in salad dressings, soups and smoothies. But it doesn’t stop there, hemp flour is ideal for baking and thickening sauces. Some of our Hemp Food products contain a small amount of CBD. This will bring you relaxation and anti-inflammatory benefits in addition to being full of essential amino acids and healthy, unsaturated fats. Or try a Hemp Drink like a Smoothy for the same effect.