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Lemon Minibuds • Small CBD Buds Indoor


Lemon Minibuds • Small CBD Buds Indoor

Lemon Minibuds • Small CBD Buds Indoor • Sweed

CBD 20%
THC 0.9%
Grow Type,indoor

Grow Type Indoor

Strain Type,hybrid

Strain Type Hybrid

Canton of Origin,aargau
Canton Argovia

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CHF 10.00

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“Sweed Lemon CBD flower cuttings have a sweet, lemony taste and are suitable for the price-conscious connoisseur.


Content: 2g
Quality grade: Indoor, flower cuttings
Composition: 80% Sativa 20% Indica
Taste: sweetish, lemony
CBD: <20%
THC: <0.9%

So-called crushed bags contain flower cuttings from the harvest and are therefore cheaper than the popular top buds. Flower cuttings do not represent the Sweed standard, but are mainly suitable for small budgets.

For Sweed, full flavour enjoyment comes first, which is why they only water the cannabis plant with pure water 3 weeks before harvest to eliminate as much fertiliser residue as possible.

The extra bright CBD flowers develop an incomparable sweet and citrusy flavour and have a more mellow note compared to Super Silver Haze.

Goodvibe believes that Sweed produces CBD products of the highest quality at fair prices.

Their gentle drying process maintains an ideal residual moisture so that you can grind the CBD flowers yourself with your fingers.

The pure CBD flowers are 100% herbal and both tobacco and nicotine free.


Swiss hemp flowers from a cannabis plant with a high CBD content.


Keep your legal CBD flowers in a cool and dry place. Store them in an air-tight dark container (avoid light).

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Lab Tested
Lab Tested

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