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THC-Free CBD Oil 5% for Dogs


THC-Free CBD Oil 5% for Dogs

THC-Free CBD Oil 5% for Dogs • Naturalpes

CBD 5%
THC 0%
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CBD Oil for Dogs 5% – 100% Swiss
Produced in a valley in our beautiful Valais mountains, our 5% CBD oil for dogs stands out from the rest due to its high quality and its 100% Swiss and natural production. With its universal reputation, CBD oil – just like other cannabis products – is enjoying a growing popularity all over the world. The exclusive use of natural raw materials, local and environmentally friendly Swiss production and above all the effectiveness of Naturalpes oils have won the hearts of many CBD consumers and wellness aficionados. And yes, since animals also have an endocannabinoid system, your pets, the dogs, can also benefit from the advantages of cannabidiol.

Why would your pet use CBD oil for dogs 5%?
CBD Oil for Dogs 5% is THC-free and therefore has no psychotropic effects – making it suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. CBD Oil for Dogs is a Broad Spectrum oil produced like the Wellness oils, containing all the cannabinoids except THC. This oil therefore allows your favourite pet to benefit from the entourage effect, taking advantage of the virtues of CBD but also of all the other phytocannabinoids naturally present in hemp.

CBD Oil for Dogs 5% is a versatile product that can be consumed by your pet on a daily or sporadic basis.

How to dose CBD oil for dogs 5%?
As the name suggests, CBD oil for dogs contains 5% CBD. One drop therefore contains 2.5 milligrams of CBD. It is often difficult to determine the exact dose that your dog should consume when he first takes it. There is no universal dosage and it depends not only on your dog’s body type, age and weight, but also on their unique endocannabinoid system. It is therefore important to try different amounts of CBD to find the ideal dose for your canine. However, if you decide to start a CBD regimen with your pet, it is wise to follow the steps in this order:

1. Contact your veterinarian and have someone accompany you
2. Start with low doses
3. Observe your dog’s daily progress and reactions
4. Gradually increase the dose if necessary

The recommended dosage of CBD products for dogs is 0.5mg/kg per day. To illustrate this, here is a concrete example for a 15 kilo dog: 0.5mg x 15 = 7.5 mg per day. The dose to use would therefore be 3 drops per day (2.5mg x 3 = 7.5mg).

Note that even the bodies of animals, especially dogs, sometimes need time to get used to cannabinoids, especially when they are first used. The effects and benefits may therefore take several days to become apparent in dogs of all sizes. Although in general, the effects are often felt within an hour or two.

Genetics and cultivation of the cannabis flower
Naturalpes is uncompromising about the quality of their raw materials. The selection process therefore goes through several stages. The first is the choice of genetics. This involves determining the seeds that will offer the best CBD/THC ratio. A low tetrahydrocannabinol content coupled with a high percentage of cannabidiol will always be emphasised.

The appropriate cultivation method is then decided upon, which will allow the plants to develop to their full potential. Natualpes also pays special attention to the quality of the air, the properties of the water used for watering and the amount of sunlight the plants can receive.

Once the plants have reached maturity, they are carefully harvested. The drying and grinding stage can then begin. This is an essential step in the transformation of the plant into biomass.

CBD Oil for Dogs 5% is extracted from organically grown Fedora hemp. Its cannabinoid concentration is indeed surprisingly high.

Production method of CBD oil for dogs 5
The biomass obtained after drying and grinding is then used in a Supercritical CO2 extraction process. This process ensures that all the phythocannabinoids are preserved in the master batch recovered from this extraction. Unlike other types of extraction using butane or ethanol for example, here the solvent used is CO2, a gas naturally present in the air we breathe. The extraction is therefore also carried out in the cleanest and most natural way possible.

Winterization then refines the mother paste by filtering out the fats, lipids and chlorophyll to recover the purest material. This filtered material is then heated to 105 degrees to transform the acidic molecules (CBDA / THCA) into neutral molecules (CBD / THC).

The mother liquor then undergoes a final process called “Flash Chromatography” to separate the THC from the rest of the cannabinoids. The result is a Broad Spectrum cannabidiol distillate containing all the cannabinoids except tetrahydrocannabinol – and therefore a THC-free oil with no trace of THC, so no risk of psychotropic effects for your dog.

Information about the animal oil range
The Naturalpes animal range currently consists of CBD oil for cats (3%) and CBD oil for dogs (5%), which is available in three sizes (5ml, 10ml, 30ml) in a vial with a suitable pipette. This oil is suitable for dogs of all sizes, young and old, but also for other small mammals such as rabbits, hamsters and pigs.


Organic hempseed oil (95%), broad-spectrum hemp extract of cannabis flowers with high CBD content (5%). Vitamin E. No THC.


Store your CBD oil for Dogs 5% from Naturalpes in a cool, dry place, away from light. Protect from direct sunlight, moisture and heat.
Keep hemp oils out of the reach of children.
The maximum shelf life is 6 months after opening.

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