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The Static • CBD Hash Greenhouse

The Static • CBD Hash Greenhouse

The Static • CBD Hash Greenhouse •

CBD 63%
THC 0.1%
CBG 0.1%

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CHF 32.50 (CHF 6.50 per unit)

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Let yourself be tempted by the CBD Static resin of the brand Moust’Hash and prepare yourself for an explosion of flavors and sensations! A rich taste with soft and sweet aromas and intense effects. This premium resin proposes you a strong rate of cannabidiol, with 63% of CBD! It is one of the most concentrated CBD resins of the brand Moust’hash.

The resin CBD Static of Moust’ Hash is produced in France on base of Swiss flowers (famous for their high quality). The Static hash is a known hash known high-end, dry pressed, now available in 100% legal form thanks to Moust’Hash.

Static hash is obtained thanks to one of the most ancestral methods to extract the resinous glands of the plant of cannabis (trichomes): a dry passage in a fine sieve, to separate the glands from the plant.

When a CBD flower can hardly exceed naturally 20% of CBD, the cold and dry pressing allows to obtain a concentration of CBD here of 63%. The hashish CBD Static is thus a very powerful resin of CBD, recommended to the persons having already consumed cannabidiol.

CBD: 63%.
THC: < 0.3%.

The texture of the Static resin is compact and very powdery when you press between your fingers. It crumbles therefore without lighter.

Moust’Hash Static resin releases an intense and natural fragrance. Enjoy the sweet and fruity aromas subtly blended with a raw woody scent.

A very clear green aspect which is different from the other resins and hashish. Its color reminds its natural aspect of a handmade product.

The Static resin provides feelings of deep relaxation, thanks to its relaxing effects and its high content of cannabinoids. If you are looking for more gentle or even more powerful effects, visit our CBD online store.

Static resin is one of the most concentrated in CBD on the market. Intense effects!


Pressed cannabis pollen and full spectrum cannabis extracts with high CBD content.


Always store your CBD hash and resins, such as Moust’Hash Le Static in a cool, dark and stable place to maximize their shelf life.
Keep out of reach of children.

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Lab Tested
Lab Tested

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