Ice Rock CBD: legal cannabis flowers with CBD Crystals

Discover the Ice Rock CBD. Legal Swiss cannabis flowers covered with CBD crystals for a frosted effect! Try them now.

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Ice rock CBD: ready to get frosted?

CBD is gaining in popularity across the world. You can find it in several shapes and forms: legal cannabis flowers, CBD oil, CBD pollen and hash, or even skin care and edibles. Nowadays, you can find suitable CBD products for any kind of uses or tastes.

Even connoisseurs might mix them with moon rocks: those hemp flowers covered in cannabis oil and rolled in pollen for a very powerful effect. Ice rocks can look very similar in appearance. Indeed, it looks like small rocks with a thick and concentrated aspect. In reality, they are not exactly the same. Let’s discover how! 

What is Ice Rock CBD?

There is a major difference between moonrocks and ice rocks. Moonrocks are covered with CBD pollen while ice rocks are covered with CBD crystals. The color of ice rocks is therefore white, which explains its name. CBD crystals prove to be the purest form of Cannabidiol, with usually 98-99% CBD isolate content.

The CBD crystals are giving ice rocks CBD their powerful effect. Indeed, the CBD concentration is as high as it gets. At the same time, the THC levels remain lower or equal to current regulations. It is therefore a completely legal product. 

Where does ice rock CBD come from?

Who thought of creating ice rocks in the first place? Legend says the concept was invented by a producer in Piedmont, in the North of Italy.

Ice rocks are made of high-quality CBD flowers, harvested at maturity for maximum taste and concentration. In order to preserve aromas, terpenes and cannabinoids, they are dried following a specific process. After that, the heads are soaked into CBD oil and rolled in isolates (in other words, CBD crystals). This process allows ice rocks to reach impressive degrees of concentration and power. At the same time, ice rocks feel somewhat softer than moon rocks on the throat when smoking them.

Be aware that uWeed is committed to delivering products cultivated in respect of nature, by committed producers who don’t use pesticides or fertilizers which could harm human health. 

How to consume ice rocks?

Some ice rocks are “pre-rolled” and ready to be consumed, which is an interesting option for beginners. Otherwise you can roll them yourself or smoke it with a pipe or bong. Do not hesitate to go through our online cannabis shop to discover various accessories at your disposal.

uWeed is one of the most important CBD Shops in Europe. We offer you a large CBD-based product inventory, such as CBD oils, flowers, pollen, moon rocks, ice rocks, and much more. Our customer support team will be happy to help you make the right choice!