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Fenocan Fenopure • CBG Seeds
Fenocan Fenopure • CBG Seeds


Fenopure • CBG Seeds

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Grow Hemp for CBD yourself? CBD is becoming increasingly popular in Europe and across the world. Many brands and platforms sell high-quality CBD-based products, such as CBD oil, flower, and concentrate. However, some people enjoy extracting their CBD from plants they’ve grown themselves. You do not have to be a highly experienced Farmer to grow your own Plants. At uWeed you’ll find only the very best of Hemp seeds.

uWeed is committed to making high-quality hemp seeds and other hemp products grown in Switzerland available to people throughout Europe. To find out which are the right products for you, please do not hesitate to contact our team!

You don’t have to have a particularly green thumb to grow your own Hemp CBD. The most important thing is to have good quality seeds or plants from the best legal cannabis strains. All you need then is a bit of time on your hands and a lot of passion. Looking to grow your own CBD? uWeed can help you find the seeds, strains, and plants that are right for you.