Henrik Aulbach

Marketing & Content DE

Henrik Aulbach is a cannabis enthusiast and wordsmith. As a copywriter, he is responsible for the Swiss and German websites of uWeed. He draws the necessary expertise from his many years of experience in the cannabis industry. As a specialist author, he is published in the largest German cannabis magazines and writes training materials for the Cannabis Academy Germany. His extensive writing career has driven him into every aspect of cannabis. Be it growing, CBD, cannabis as medicine, the entourage effect or even international law. Henrik Aulbach makes these topics easy to grasp. Through uWeed, he lives out his passion for educating people about the numerous benefits of the hemp plant and promoting their understanding. At the same time, he takes an active (activist) stance against the stigmatisation of cannabis and the prosecution of its users. The underlying credo is that hemp is the oldest medicinal plant of mankind and that we must rediscover its powers. When he is not writing or reading, he likes to drink his cappuccinos, go on extensive hikes or learn something new (and at first glance often useless). Having grown up in the low mountain range of Odenwald, he loves nature with all its treasures. That's why he was quickly inspired by founder Loic's idea of combining technology with nature and making the world a better place through uWeed.

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