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Since the late 2017, Cannabidiol (CBD) has made the headlines everywhere in Switzerland. The initial hype was created by the sale of dried CBD flowers, a type of legal cannabis with THC content strictly under 1% in Switzerland (and 0.2-0-3% in most of the world), that actually looks like marijuana. The interest kept growing though as the positive effects of CBD products on health and its benefits to treat and prevent several medical conditions are being discussed and researched more extensively by scientists. CBD producers jumped on the opportunity and have launched new CBD products on the market at an unprecedented speed. Of late, there have been some very interesting and innovative additions to the CBD product portfolio and we want to take a closer look at it.

CBD products to smoke

Unless it’s a form of cognitive dissonance, most cannabis aficionados who prefer to inhale CBD smoke are not primarily using the product for its health benefits, but rather for its taste, odour and possibly the slightly appeasing effect that some consumers claim feeling after inhaling CBD. Above and beyond the CBD buds, which are essentially dried CBD cannabis flowers (think good old pot in a more industrialized packaging), there are two other products that are readily available for consumers: CBD cigarettes and CBD vaporizers.


CBD products - CBD cigarettes made in Switzerland

Countries like the United States and the UK have been the pioneers of the whole supplement industry and are also largely responsible for putting CBD hemp in the global spotlight. However, when it comes to mixing health with pleasure, it had to be the Swiss. Switzerland became the first country in the world to manufacture and sell CBD Cigarettes. If you have always loved the aroma of marijuana and hate the entire vaping scene, then cigarettes are just what you need. CBD cigarettes are a blend of hemp and tobacco and contain all the aromatic terpenes that make up for the amazing scent of marijuana smoke. Make no mistake, this is still legal cannabis that contains less than 1% of THC. So, you only derive the aromatic pleasure, not the high. Each cigarette delivers a whopping 20% dose of CBD. That’s more than enough to create a smooth, mellowing effect in users. That’s also a potent enough dose to bring in the benefits of CBD such as pain relief, soothing frayed nerves and knocking you off to sleep. 

Best used for: A calm and relaxing experience. Great for distressing, reducing your intake of tobacco.


CBD products - CBD vaporizers and e-cigarettes with CBD liquid

Vaping CBD liquid has really taken off in the last year or two. It allows you to inhale a smooth, consistent vapor created by heating full-spectrum oil at extremely low temperatures. It is lung-friendly and does not irritate your airways, unlike direct smoking does. CBD vaping pens have gone from large, clunky devices to discreet, modern ones that can easily tuck into your pocket after use. You can pick from coil-styled vaping pens which uses a more concentrated form of CBD isolate or a tank styled vape that uses an e-liquid, which is a blend of CBD oil, natural flavourings, Propylene glycol, and glycerine. If you choose the latter, you can either buy a refillable tank or a disposable one. If you hate greasing your elbows and tinkering with dosages, then a disposable tank is your best bet. The advantages of vaping CBD are manifold. Anecdotal evidence says that the absorption is faster. You start to feel the effects instantly as opposed to CBD oil or CBD edibles, which take time to get absorbed into the bloodstream. Vaping creates an odour-free vapor. So, you can vape legal CBD in public and even in non-smoking zones too. And since you get pre-dosed, measured canisters, it takes the guesswork out of dosing. You can get a precise dose conveniently at any time of the day.

Best used for: CBD vapes are perfect for just about any condition that demands instant absorption of the oil in your body. For example, anxiety attacks or epilepsy or other conditions that require timed-doses spread throughout the day.

CBD products for health benefits

CBD products have never received as much press as they do these days. The effects of cannabis in general and CBD in particular are being studied by numerous scientists around the world. While the body of scientific evidence is currently lacking due to the relative newness of the compound and research associated with it, the highest quality CBD products might have the potential to deliver a wide range of benefits to treat and cure several diseases. In 2018, the first cannabis-plant drug Epidiolex got approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration in the USA) for commercialization to treat rare forms of child epilepsy. It’s a CBD only drug. The time is right to start exploring the benefits of CBD products but we would recommend you to talk to your doctor as well in order to gather her point of view and recommendation regarding CBD products.


CBD oil: the Queen of CBD products

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is obtained from the flowers of
hemp plants throughout various extraction processes in order to isolate a CBD concentrate. As a rule, CBD oil is extracted from industrial hemp and will contain no more than 0.3% THC, therefore have no psychoactive effects. The process used for the extraction process, along with the addition of certain filler ingredients will determine the quality of the end product. CBD oil or CBD drops are typically sold in dropper bottles of 10ml or 30ml. Most users of this CBD product place one or two drops beneath their tongue for several minutes in order to experience the full effects. CBD oils  normally have stronger concentrations compared to other CBD products and CBD content is typically express in % or mg of CBD, referring to the ratio of hemp oil solution (in mL) compared to the amount of CBD cannabinoid (in mg). For instance, 10ml bottle with 20% CBD has 2000mg CBD content. CBD oil comes in different formulas, from unscented (‘natural’) to different flavours, such as peppermint, vanilla, lavender, or cinnamon. If you decided to buy this CBD product, we recommend looking for pure CBD oil and narrow down your choices to only  high quality CBD oils. uWeed, an online shop for CBD products, undergo thorough control processes on the CBD drops they sell and guarantee a high quality for all products available in their online store.

Best used for: The applications of this CBD product currently range from pain relief, epilepsy treatments to help alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease or reducing anxiety symptoms and inducing restful sleep.


CBD products in capsules are simple to use and control

Capsules contain hemp-derived CBD in a convenient-to-use capsule form. Depending on your needs, you can consume one or two a day easily with a glass of water. The amount of CBD in these capsules ranges from 5-25% and bottles of varying sizes are available for purchase. Typically,
hemp oil is mixed with a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, like coconut oil, to increase the efficacy of CBD and also to make the capsule appear bulky. If you are allergic to coconut oil or would rather use a purer form of CBD products, then you can consider Isolate capsules. However, there are only a handful of manufacturers who offer such CBD products. One of the notable differences of capsules from other CBD products, like CBD gummies is that you can select capsules based on the quality of CBD oil used in it. CBD capsules are convenient, require no tedious dosage measurements and allow you to schedule your dosage with ease. The only caveat is that you cannot use these for topical application.

Best used for: Capsule is a CBD product that can be used as an alternative for CBD oil for any therapeutic application that it was prescribed for.


Beloved CBD products - CBD edibles such as gummies and chewing-gums for a sweet treat

CBD edibles have become wildly popular in recent times due to the sheer convenience associated with them. You can carry them anywhere and pop one in your mouth without inviting glares and stares from those around you. They look innocuous, like any gelatine candy and are available in a variety of flavours. The CBD concentration of in the chewing gums varies from brand to brand and you might want to consider this before making a purchase. Also, there will be a mild high when you consume one of these due to the limited, but potent THC content in it. The CBD will offset most of the mind-altering effects. But you will feel a slight high. So, ensure that you do not perform any tasks that require you to be attentive after consuming one of these.

Best used for:  CBD edibles are ideal when used as pain relievers or for reducing nausea. However, there have also been anecdotal reports of CBD gummies being used as a nootropic or non-addictive sleep aid.


CBD hemp tea: the expected child within CBD products

It was only a matter of time before CBD joined the list of exotic, healthy teas. Wasn’t it? So here we are. CBD tea is an herbal hemp tea that’s often blended with normal tea leaves or flavoured tea leaves. It is one of the fastest growing CBD-based products in the world. Well, the world loves its teas for sure. Even when unflavoured, it has a very pleasant, non-offensive taste. If we were to compare it with any other tea, White tea would be the closest match. And in case the taste of
hemp tea bothers you, you can squeeze a lime or add some honey or buy one of the many flavoured varieties available. When prepared the traditional way (soaked in boiling water), it may have a deep green or dark brown colour to it, depending on the age of the plant when it was harvested. Some people recommend adding a form of fat, like milk or coconut oil, to it to facilitate the faster absorption. But that’s not really required if you are off dairy products or looking to avoid it for some reason. As is the case with everything CBD, different people have different experiences from using tea. A vast majority of them have reported a soothing and calming effect immediately after drinking. This makes it a great stress buster. If you are feeling pooped or overwhelmed by the email deluge on a Monday, a cup of  CBD tea might put things back into perspective.

Best used for: May help reduce anxiety and stress. Most users report a soothing effect after drinking.


CBD topicals and cosmetics for skincare and body care

Not a smoker, hate popping pills or chewing edibles? CBD Topicals and CBD cosmetics allow you to get the benefits of Cannabidiol without the hassles of dosages and schedules. Just apply it like you would apply any normal skincare or body care lotion. The advantage? Zero THC. Only CBD. And localized treatment. If you prefer using CBD without even the slightest trace amounts of THC, then topicals are the way to go. They are available in the form of lotions, creams, salves, soaps and transdermal patches that you can apply anywhere on the body. Some might be blended with natural essential oils to mask the slightly musky odour that CBD possesses. So, you might want to check the product label to weed out the possibility of any potential allergens.

Best used for: CBD cosmetics are best used for skin problems like psoriasis and eczema, as well as localized pain in any part of the body.
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