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CBD Tincture – rich in natural CBD

CBD Tinctures amongst other CBD products are becoming more and more popular. Many users already integrate CBD into their daily lives. They report a positive influence on their general well-being, chronic pain, or neurological disorders. CBD products are now available in countless dosage forms,  among others also as CBD Tincture. There are many possible applications for you as a consumer. You can tailor the products to your individual needs. 

In our CBD online shop, you will find a large number of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. Besides the classic products such as CBD oil, CBD tincture, and CBD hemp, our wide range also offers you other specialties. There are for example CBD edibles or CBD cosmetics. The vast majority of our products originate from well-known Swiss manufacturers. They value and respect the environment throughout the cultivation and manufacturing processes of their products. 

The THC content of all products is also checked at regular intervals by certified laboratories. This means, that you can be reassured that our CBD products, including our CBD Tinctures, are 100% compliant with the Swiss Cannabis law. They are always below the 1% limit. Take a look at our shop and convince yourself of the quality and variety of our products. Thanks to our large selection, we offer the right CBD product for every requirement. 

The wide range of applications of a CBD Tincture

In the uWeed’s online shop, you will find Cannabis oils and CBD flowers as well as high-quality full-spectrum CBD tinctures. These are extracted from special hemp plants. Those are naturally rich in CBD, while the THC content is negligibly low. Through gentle extraction methods, all-natural ingredients are retained. Our CBD tinctures of the highest quality are obtained by soaking hemp extract in an alcohol and water base. A CBD tincture typically include additives such as essential oils as well as flavoring agents. Furthermore, herbal extracts are added for better taste and additional health benefits.

But how do you actually use a CBD tincture?

The most popular form of intake is probably oral. With the help of the dropper bottle, you can dose CBD oil Tinctures perfectly and take the drops into your mouth. It is also possible to take the CBD tincture sublingually by trickling it under the tongue, holding it for a while, and then swallowing it. In this way, part of the CBD already enters the body via the mucous membranes. The onset of action is typically faster than when it enters the organism via the gastrointestinal tract. 

The type of application you choose depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you have any questions about our CBD products, please contact our experienced customer service. Together we will find the perfect products for your needs.

CBD Tinctures at the best price on uWeed

uWeed specializes in the sale of high-quality CBD products from Switzerland. In our CBD Shop, you will find a variety of different products. The selection ranges from hemp oil and CBD Cannabis to CBD capsules and CBD Tinctures. We also carry CBD edibles and body care products in our inventory. Thus we can offer the perfect product for every need. Once you have decided which products are right for you, you can buy them online and you will receive them the very next day. 

For orders of CHF 49.00 or more, shipping is also completely free of charge. Thanks to the close controls of our suppliers, you can purchase all our products completely legally. All our manufacturers attach great importance to the environmentally friendly cultivation of their Cannabis plants and only the best products make it into our online shop.