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Greenbird CBD is a brand of Members Only GmbH with headquarters in Lachen, located in Canton Schwyz , Switzerland. The Greenbrid Store was founded in 2017 and specializes in the cultivation and breeding of natural hemp products, more precisely, CBD cannabis. The Greenbird brand functions independently on the Swiss market and sells various CBD oils (both full-spectrum and THC-free) for people and animals alike. Their range of CBD product also includes CBD flowers, marvellous soaps, various hemp tea varieties as well as food and drinks such as hempseed oil or hemp seeds.

The priority of Greenbird is the well-being of people and animals. They believe in the benefits and natural power of the cannabis plant. As such, Greenbird and uWeed have a shared vision and mission and would both like to contribute to the wellbeing of society. Ready to reach a greater inner balance and vitality as well as to bring your quality of life to another level? This is exactly where Greenbird comes in,  with the help of their experience and know-how in cultivating hemp plants. Their products are also inspected by qualified laboratories, both in-house and externally, per batch and therefore meet high-quality standards so you can buy them on uWeed, worry-free!