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Gold 5% CBD Drops • CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Product Type: CBD Oil

Gold 5% CBD Drops • CBD Oil Full Spectrum

Gold 5% CBD Drops • CBD Oil Full Spectrum • Naturalpes

Product Type: CBD Oil
CBD 5%
THC 0.5%
CBG 0.1%
Oil Type,full-spectrum

Oil Type Full-Spectrum

Carrier Oil,hemp seed

Carrier Oil Hemp Seed

Extraction Method,co2
Extraction Method CO2

Not available


Gold 5% oil is an artisanal product made from cannabis CBD. The plant is cold processed so that none of its properties will be lost.
Technically, this process consists in passing a gas through the CBD flowers in order to extract the purest oil from them. At low temperature, safe from destructive heat, the extracted concentrate contains all the positive elements of cannabis CBD.
This first-quality concentrate then goes through a decarboxylation process, which optimizes the active ingredients it contains. Next, the concentrate is chilled in a process known as “winterization.” This process filters out some of the lipids, waxes, and chlorophyll. The color takes on a translucent, golden-yellow tint. Following these processes, the concentrate is diluted with organic hemp seed oil. This CBD Oil Gold 5% product has 500mg for 10ml CBD and <0.5% THC content.
With this method and know-how, we thus preserve the active ingredients, such as phytocannabinoids.


Cannabis extract CBD (5%) – Organic hemp seed oil – Vitamin E


Protect from sunlight, high temperatures and humidity. Keep refrigerated after opening. Keep out of reach of children.
Keep up to 6 months after opening.