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Floralpes Mixed Minibuds Small Buds Mixed


Floralpes Mixed Minibuds Small Buds Mixed

CBD 8%
THC 1%
Grow Type,mixed

Grow Type Mixed

Strain Type,mixed

Strain Type Mixed

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 60.00 ( 2.88 per unit)

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Discover the mini buds CBD flowers of the Floralpes brand, a mixture of different varieties of small premium flowers produced in Switzerland without any pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You will enjoy the delicious notes of this hemp CBD, giving off fruity and sweet flavors. These small flowers allow you to enjoy with pleasure their effects of relaxation.

Let yourself be tempted by the mini buds CBD flowers of Floralpes and enjoy perfectly hand-manicured cannabis flowers by very meticulous Swiss producers. This type of flowers allows you to enjoy the full effects of CBD at a reduced price. Discover a mix with several varieties of exceptional CBD flowers.

Enjoy a quality product and a know-how that brings you an experience worthy of the best CBD hemp varieties. These small buds CBD flowers are issued from a culture under greenhouse and in inside, for plants of hemp CBD cultivated while controlling completely their conditions of growth.

What are the Small Buds CBD?
Small buds are CBD-rich cannabis plants that are selected for their small size. Being smaller, they are also less expensive while producing the same effect as a classic size head. This is an economical category of CBD flowers that allows the price per gram to drop while keeping the same quality of product.

🌱 Cannabinoids
CBD: 8%.
THC: < 1%.

πŸ‘… Taste
The taste of CBD mini buds flowers offers a mixture of sweet and fruity aromas.

πŸ‘ Appearance
The CBD mini buds flowers are quite compact, but very small.

πŸ‘Œ Properties
CBD mini buds flowers produce a calming and comforting effect typical of CBD.

😍 Floralpes CBD mini buds flowers offers you the possibility to consume premium CBD at a reduced price.

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