About Cancer Treatment and CBD

Where and how does CBD aid in the treatment or prevention of Cancer and how does it help with the side effects of chemotherapy? As the body needs new cells, the body ”manufactures” them through a process called cell division. When cells become old or damaged, they die and new cells replace them. Cancer develops when this process becomes maladapted. Thereby causing the cells to become increasingly abnormal, old or damaged. These cells survive when they should die while new cells form where they are not needed. These excess cells can divide without stopping and may form masses of tissues, commonly called tumors.

CBD aids in the treatment or prevention of Cancer
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Common Symptoms of Cancer Include

Cancer can start anywhere in the body, and symptoms vary according to where it manifests. People with cancer typically suffer from one or several of the following most common symptoms:

  • Persistent cough or blood-tinged saliva

  • A change in bowel habits or urination

  • Blood in the stool 

  • Unexplained anemia (low blood count) 

  • Breast lump or breast discharge 

  • Lumps in the testicles 

  • Persistent lumps or swollen glands 

  • Unexpected weight loss, night sweats, or fever 

  • Non-healing sores

  • Persistent back pain, pelvic pain, bloating, or indigestion

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How Could CBD Support Cancer Treatment
and Related Side-Effects?

Research suggests that the cannabis plant compounds, THC and CBD in particular, can help cancer patients by slowing or stopping the growth of cancerous cells as well as help them deal with the symptoms or side-effects of cancer treatments like chemotherapy (symptom management). Recent scientific studies published in 2019 by the BJBMS show a direct correlation, not only in the reduction of symptoms caused by chemotherapy, but  between the direct and positive effect of CBD in Cancer treatments.

Scientists Hypothesize That the Anti-Cancer Effects of CBD Are Due to:

1. Its ability to cause cell death and necrosis

Scientists suggest that CBD may work similarly to chemotherapy by “programming” cancer cells to kill themselves off while at the same time causing a toxic environment that leads to traumatic cell death (necrosis). In other words, CBD may indirectly kill cancer cells.

2. Its ability to stop cancer from spreading

CBD has potential anti-metastatic effects (as shown in animal models), halting the cancer cells ability to spread . Scientists also found that CBD targets GPR12, a protein which may be involved with metastatic cancers.

3. Its ability to reduce tumor size

Another way in which CBD helps to treat cancer, is by starving tumors of their blood supply while simultaneously killing them off through various pro-angiogenic signals

4. CBD’s ability to reduce tumor growth

CBD has the ability to regulate Id-1 expression – the gene thought to regulate tumor growth. This means that CBD not only potentially helps to prevent and treat cancer, but that it can particularly help control aggressive tumors through the down-regulation of aggressive tumor growth.

Recommended CBD Products

Recommended CBD Product Types and Dosage for Cancer Treatments

Our product Types

It’s important to use high-quality CBD products and do so regularly, when using CBD to help with a serious medical condition such as Cancer. We would recommend using the following products:

Sublingual Treatments & Ingestibles

Because of the synergistic effect of other cannabinoids (known as the entourage effect, it is recommended to use a full-spectrum CBD product. For daily prevention and maintenance we would recommend using full-spectrum CBD oils or capsules for systemic and long-lasting effects.

CBD Dosage

The CBD dosage for cancer is very personal and dependent on the type and severity of the disease. Although dosage guidelines have not been studied specifically, scientists have found that 1 mg of CBD / kg of body weight per day is shown to be effective for chemo-preventive effects. If relief is not felt at this dosage, the amount of CBD can be increased by 10 mg per day until the desired effects are achieved. It is suggested to split the dosage of CBD  evenly throughout the day with every meal.

1 mg CBD / kg of body weight per day

To help you figure out the right dose for you, head over to our CBD usage and dosage page.

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