uWeed’s new CBD Shop: one step closer to the right products for you

Loic Aubonney
Feb 10, 2021

Our new online CBD shop. Over the past few years, CBD has become increasingly popular across the world. People have used cannabis-derived products for many reasons. Most were, to alleviate chronic pain, reduce stress, improve sleep or generally help them feel calmer and happier.

When we launched uWeed’s online CBD shop 3 years ago. Our mission was to unlock health, wellbeing, and happiness for everyone. We wanted to achieve this by leveraging the bounty of nature”. Initially, we believed we could achieve this vision by simply providing high quality, affordable CBD-based products from reputable Swiss brands. As we added more choice to our selection of CBD products, we realized that many customers felt overwhelmed. Too many brands, too many products, and no clear guidance on how to use them!

Last summer we realized that we had to help customers make better decisions. Help You to find the right products for Your needs and wishes. Our team believes this can be achieved by providing more transparency. Yet, also the traceability about the products we sell. We also had to ensure that we give our customers the right tools to better find them from the ocean of choices on the market.

We, therefore, engaged in a 6-month redesign of our new, online CBD shop. Now, we are proud to present the result to you today. Not only is the site faster and easier to navigate, but you’ll also find plenty of support to find the products you need more easily. We’ll give you a tour!

1. More choice of high-quality products

CBD or cannabidiol is growing more popular by the day. As a result, CBD-based products, like CBD oil can now be found just about everywhere: in pharmacies, health food stores, grow shops, and even supermarkets. And there are millions of CBD brands out there. But while more choice is a good thing, it makes it difficult for consumers to know if the products they’re buying have the right quality and effect.

Here at uWeed, in our new online CBD Shop, we’re committed to offering only the highest quality Swiss-grown hemp and CBD products. Those come from a range of reputable brands. In this regard, we have added two new brands (Herba di Berna and Swiss Premium Pollen) as part of the launch. Another 20-30 brands are also in the pipeline for our online CBD shop over the next few months. Because of this, uWeed will be the largest online shop for CBD products in Europe, at the latest by the summer of 2021.

2. With our new online CBD Shop it’s easier to find the products you like

In our online CBD Shop, we currently offer more than 500 cannabis products. This should suit just about any kind of CBD-related need. However, we realized that it can be hard for people to find exactly what they were looking for on our site. With this in mind, we’ve been working to improve your uWeed experience by making significant changes to the interface of our online CBD Shop:

  • Our product pages have been fully revamped to offer as much transparency as possible. We worked with suppliers and brands to gather over 35 data points for each product. These range from CBD content in %, to the region where the hemp plants have grown. But that’s not all, the price per unit of CBD, the flavor, the strain, and much more.
  • By leveraging this product information, we revamped our category and brand listing pages. You can now use over 20 filters to find your favorite products. Do you prefer Sativa strains? Filter by it! Flowers that are grown locally, in your canton? We have them! Products without THC content? Look no further. Finding the right product has never been this easy.

3. Our new online CBD Shop offers a fully revisited functionality for product reviews

As mentioned, we now provide as much information as possible about the products on offer. However, there’s nothing quite like personal experience. Therefore, we’re now welcoming more than before, feedback and product reviews. This, from people who have tried our products for themselves. Scroll down to the bottom of a product page to find out what other buyers thought about a product before you make your decision.

The revamped experience of our new online CBD Shop will allow you to leave structured feedback. Your feedback, on taste, effectiveness, or fragrance, that can then be used by others to make better decisions for their needs.

4. Overhauling the uWeed Club

Once you’ve tried our products for yourself, you’ll likely join those who make CBD part of their day-to-day routine! Good news: we’ve revamped the uWeed Club, a loyalty program that awards you points for every CHF you spend in our online CBD Shop. You can then redeem your loyalty points to receive lucrative discounts across our boutique. And there are many other ways to earn points and get exciting discounts. You’ll find them all on the uWeed Club page on our site or in your customer account.

5. More support channels

Our new features are not enough? Do you still need some help finding the right products? Alongside our social media channels and existing live-chat on-site, you can now get in touch with us via phone and our WhatsApp chat support every day between 9 am and 5 pm.

Whether it’s to guide you or to help you solve a problem, our friendly team of CBD experts will be happy to help!

We hope that you’ll be able to enjoy uWeed and our new online CBD Shop even more than before with these additions. As always, we appreciate your feedback, suggestions, questions, etc. so do not refrain from getting in touch. Hearing from you is helping us make uWeed a better place to buy CBD products.

On behalf of the uWeed team, thank you for your continued trust. Take care and stay safe.

We love you!

Loic and the uWeed team